Official Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Kickstarter Trailer

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters by American McGee Akaneiro is the latest “twisted tale” from the team that brought you “Alice: Madness Returns”. Set in turn of the century Japan, the game finds a battle-hardened “Red” fighting demons, wolves and mythical monsters. Set to be released in 2012 on mobile and online platforms. The Order of Akane is an elite and ancient group of demon hunters. Members of the Order are referred to as Red Hunters. Red Hunters undertake field missions combating the proliferation of Yokai (Japanese folk monsters, ghosts and demons). They are almost Knights Templar-like in devotion to duty and righteousness. In the role of a famed Red Hunter, it is your task to restore balance and quell the restless Yokai by force. Features: – Become one of the Order of Akane – an elite group of demon hunters inspired by the Red Riding Hood tale. – Fight beasts & demons drawn straight from the pages of Japanese folklore. – Defeat the Demon Kings and purge the Yokai Demon threat from sacred Yomi Island Kickstarter Page: Homepage:

the gps work with the ipad without any network (without wifi and internet) ?

Question by Abdullah: the gps work with the ipad without any network (without wifi and internet) ?
am actually want to buy an ipad wifi , but I wanna ask if the gps work without any network ? and if there an application which contains street maps and the resturents … etc. which can help the tourists for walking.

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Answer by Hopefull
No you need a cell network for the gps

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Which is better nook color or lighting a fire?

question of danceCUTIE : What is better a corner color or Kindle Fire I wanted an iPad, but they are so expensive, and I do not want to pay so much. Plus I want to read them. Then I got a kindle in school use and I thought it was cool. Now I’m looking at corners, and I want to know which one is better. Color is not me egal.Dank Best Answer:

response from Gabbi
the nook. They hold so much more books than the Kindle does. And its easier to use …

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How do you get companies to offer products for the review?

question of : How do you get companies to offer you products for review Now I wanted to start a YouTube channel with reviews and such. The problem is that I can not afford products such as mobile phone, iPad, etc. I wonder how can I get companies like Apple or ghost armor, me. Products for review I also wanted to know if, when you get the product, you must get to keep it or something else. I would really like some help Best Answer:

Answer by Common Sense
can not you. What would be the benefit to them? 10 View on Youtube? BFD.

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Best FREE Games of the Day – iOS – December 18, 2012

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