Q & A: How on a list to get to try new products?

How to get on a list to try out new products Both me and my boyfriend want to try on a list (and write reviews) new products for companies: question of Val . Anyone out there know how to get on a list, or even there, where to start Best Answer:

response from Mario you
can try this site and receive a free Ipad and Iphone 4 -. and then you can write reviews about this products.Hope it helps

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Why do they compare Microsoft Surface per on the iPad?

question by Bobby : Why do they come to compare Microsoft per surface on the iPad She always says that the surface of each so much more expensive than the iPad with a 899 price. But it seems that the 499 surface is the real competitor rt and the Pro is a tablet / laptop hybrid Best Answer:

response from Bob computer
, netbooks, mobile phones, tablets and many other items are always rated in Consumer Reports magazine. Go to your public library or look online and see the last few issues, there are several out there to have to wählen.Sie of in order to assess with specs to be able. It is best if you have not used the product or element of the local electronic store and try it out and see if you like it … Sony, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba, there is little or no say so, is better than the other, it is important to get one that fits your needs. (I’m a tech mitmehreren years the repair of all … Source: know CompTIA A + Certified Computer Professional

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What are some of the Best IPad Apps & Accessories out?

Question by descartes: What are some of the Best IPad Apps & Accessories out?
Bought the new Ipad looking for some user experiences on great apps and accessories. Any and all info including “links” is appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Alex Winter
I am also fairly new to the iPad and am OBSESSED. Congratulations! You’ll love it!

These are the best apps:

-Tripadvisor (I travel and this is a great place to go for hotel reviews, etc)
-ESPN (All the scores, and easy to keep up with games while they are playing)
-Kindle (great for reading)
-Games: Scramble with Friends, Words with Friends, Sudoku, Angry Birds, Scrabble
-News: Zite, CNN, NPR
-Music: Spotify, Pandora, NPR Music
-Movies/TV: Hulu, Netflix


-Slingbox (http://www.slingbox.com) You can watch your DVR anywhere! Its crazy cool
-iMainGo XP Speakers (http://amzn.to/iMainGoXP) Amazing clear sound, works great with Slingbox
-If you need to type a lot – Apple Portable Keyboard or Zagg (http://www.zagg.com/accessories/logitech-ipad-2-keyboard-case)

Good luck!

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Q & A: What is the best tablet / e-reader is for me to get?

question by Tony : What to spend to get the best tablet / e-reader for me I’m trying to not more than $ 200 on a tablet / e-reader, because there is not much I need to do … – I want to be able to select magazines / books from my PC download-I would be in a position and underline the books and magazines that I want to download it in the I- able to be a good size battery life-I want a color screen habenWie you see I do not need to pay to go to $ 400 on an iPad or iPad Mini, so what are some suggestions please Best Answer:

response of Isis
I recommend Kindle Keyboard 3G + Wi-Fi, it is what I have and it does absolutely nothing could be something. it is not a touch screen, although it is not a color display, but if you want a color screen, you might as well get an iPad. The color display ereaders are painful to read, and the battery does not last.

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Q&A: What’s a good movie to watch on instant Netflix?

Question by Morgan Witwer: What’s a good movie to watch on instant Netflix?
I am very bored and I have Netflix on my iPad but almost every movie I look up is “disc only”. I know there are movies that can be played instantly, but I can’t seem to find any interesting ones. Does any body know of any good movies that are fersure have an instant play button.?

Best answer:

Answer by carmlboy
adjustment bureau

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Is there going to be a iPad 2nd Generation?

new ipad review
by andyi

Question by BAC2: Is there going to be a iPad 2nd Generation?
Hi. I might buy an iPad for Christmas. But I want to know if I should because I heard there is going to be an iPad 2nd Generation coming out in the first half of 2011. Is this true? If it is what new things will it have? And should I just wait until next Christmas and get the 2nd Generation iPad? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Skran
Yes for sure it would probably have cameras like the new iPod touch and iphone and be able to face time. There are rumors that they’re shooting commercials for it already.


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Q & A: Is it worth waiting for ipad mini2?

question of Eidderf : Is it worth waiting for ipad mini2 I have 4 cases and I love it! I am planning to buy ipad mini for my wife, but there are many bad reviews about it, especially not in the retina display … This is why I think, will wait for ipad mini 2nd There are rumors that it will come to. Market on March 2013 My quesion is now when will be worth it to wait so long, and buy ipad mini really better than just getting another ipad 4? But they want a smaller version, so I think that’s a consideration … Best Answer:

response from Jimmy
iPad mini is good enough . There will be no big changes for iPad Mini if ​​it is.

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What are some good brands for an iPad 2 screen protector?

request of James : What are some good brands for an iPad 2 screen protector I recently got a fancy case for my iPad 2, and I am sorry to under the screen protector I had him away from her, after I put it on the Smart case. I’m pretty sure that a screen protector would still allow imprison intelligent case for the iPad, I mean, why should not it? Anyway, you know a good brand iPad 2 screen protectors? I was looking at Wal Mart and Target websites, but no screen protectors I do not find more than 3 stars, and say all the reviews that the screen protector does not work well and you can not use the air bubbles out of it Best answer:. ‘ / strong>

response from John
I would say just a cheap $ 2 screen protector from ebay. All the expensive and “luxury” protectors, a sticky film, and do you apply a wet cloth. Save some money. and a favorable one. It does the job

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Actual owners of the Kindle Fire what is your opinion on how it works?

Question by Michael : Is the owner of the Kindle Fire what is your opinion on how it works Do you need to read what you have heard or read, but a review of the actual owner Kindle Fire Best answer:.

response from last_of_the_romantic_men
owner for about 2 weeks. Additional testing is needed, but it works well for our use. Some web browsing, video uploads, streaming and Spiele.PROS: Video clearly and most common operations seem good. Play mp4 video files. Amazon Prime membership offers streaming video and many more benefits. A free book rental per month. Many free games. USB connected to your computer allows you to easily transfer my videos. Web browsing clear. WIFI connection to our home wireless network with high speed laufen.CONS: “download and go” video rental is have a cost. One click ordering can be a nuisance, and I’m not entirely sure it can be disabled (still testing). Videos added to the gallery have little difficult to identify icons. Charger and USB are. In the same, which makes me nervous connection getting corrupted in the future Web browsing small and often needs a little sluggish expanded werden.Keine other questions begegnet.B & N Nook is the alternative in this price range, but I’d recommend doing some research. Both seem to be a good choice, but have their own strengths and Schwächen.Links provided below:

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Best FREE Games of the Day – iOS – August 12, 2012

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