+ Apple iPad 2 The New Apple iPad 3 Review – Advanced Pro Case, Stand, Wallet, Sleep Sensor

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Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire?

question by Stephanie : Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire Someone wants this for a gift, but I can not me leisten.Pro / con lists, we would be very grateful Best answer:.

answer by Kyle F.
I’m assuming you’re talking about the Kindle Fire and not the Kindle Fire HD Version.Vorteile. • Integrated microphone • front and rear facing cameras • Bluetooth capability • 0.9 inches taller • Hundreds of thousands of more applications • Much more stable / optimized, so do not crash or lag viel.Nachteile: • Much more limited. • Some people find it not a little too expensive at $ 329. • to read, if that is a preference for persons Kindle Fire and Nook Color are looking to buy it ist.Der much value for its price and meant for reading. It depends on whether you are willing to $ 129 more for the iPad Mini or not spend. The UI comes down to personal preference, I’m going to anyone who wants a tablet for belassen.Wenn talk about the Kindle Fire HD, it has a front-facing camera is 8 cm, has Bluetooth capability and a built-in microphone . So if you do not want to spend much money, I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD. Otherwise, for a few extra features, then you can buy the iPad Mini.

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Should I buy an iPod touch or an iPad 5g mini?

request by Prashant : Should I buy an iPod touch or an iPad 5g Mini I can not decide what to buy easy. I’ve never really owned an iPod and I buying a I’m not sure whether this or the iPad mini and that’s because I already have a large smartphone. Your thoughts / opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Best answer:.

response from Eric
It’s all dependent on what you want to do with him. The iPod gives you the flexibility to use it during training and it is easy to carry in your pocket. The iPad is bulky and used primarily for home entertainment. It’s all up to you what you want it for.

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An iPad mini work on a plane?

question by Trevor : an iPad Mini work on an airplane The Apple specs page it says the maximum operating altitude is 10,000 ft. Obviously, most aircraft much higher than that to But a lot of the reviews say things like, great for watching movies on a plane. So an iPad mini will not work on a plane Best Answer:

If Apple says the max operation height of 10,000 ft, they say, if you are out there, or if you live in a high altitude location (eg Colorado). If your true in a plane you will be flying at about 30,000 ft, but set the cabin pressure, so its like your at about 1,000 ft. So, make it all, even an iPad Mini will work in an aircraft.

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