Cat breaks New + iPad 3 iPad 3 GIVE-AWAY!

The New iPad

start (the iPad 3, the iPad 3 is not called) started at 10 GMT clock PT / 6pm on Wednesday 7 March. We have down there to test the new tabl … Video Rating: 4/5

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49 thoughts on “Cat breaks New + iPad 3 iPad 3 GIVE-AWAY!

  1. finger down as hard asni couldmon my nokia lumia 920 nothing happens to my it lightly withnmynipod.and.nearly break the screen

  2. Cat’s do ALOT more than just lay on the ground. Their really intelligent animals, unlike you lol. And yes, they do what they want to, they have their own will. Is that wrong? Lol. And you can’t say that they don’t do anything, then say they only do what hey want to! You’re just too stupid to understand anything of what I just told you anyways….And I’m only 13. English isn’t even my first language, but my grammar is still better than yours 😛

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