iPad with Retina Display vs Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the new iPad with Retina Display late 2012 model and the Microsoft Surface RT tablets. Check out our video review of the iPad with Retina …

www.youtube.com/user/StuffYouShouldBuy Watch as I test out my three original Apple Smart Covers on my new iPad 2012 (iPad 3). I’ll show you the comparison be…
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48 thoughts on “iPad with Retina Display vs Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Comparison Smackdown

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  3. Great review! You covered information relevant to the average user and kept everything unbiased with pros and cons of each product. I especially like that you didn’t bog down the review by running “speed tests” of the processor. It was good that you stated on multiple occasions that either the iPad or the Surface would be best depending on the user.

  4. you chose ipad4 to read ebooks? buy an ebook reader for that….and get the surface rt for the flashgames =)

  5. Surface rt definitely, but if I were you microsoft is announcing surface 2 and surface pro 2, I would wait for that

  6. dam why did windows rt ruin a great products with a garbage camera, if the cam quality an hd was as good as apple it wuld be better hands down

  7. you should go with the surface, you can do a lot more with it than you can any apple product. good luck!

  8. Thanks for your comprehensive intro to both and comparisons of both as was so confused in buying one of them, and am sure Ill go for the RT, no offense to iPad.

  9. I have owned both. The surface rt pros is wide viewing angle for movies , USB where I was able to use my ps3 Bluetooth headphones and hdmi out for easy playback on t.v. Yes it plays flash but u have to go into the computer files and add your wedsite to the whitelist because almost every site I visit wasn’t on there .cons . Battery life ,touch keyboard is a joke,not snappy and smooth all the time,and App Store is missing a lot of apps I use.and the screen isn’t all that good

  10. Help me!
    I’m stuck!!
    I want a tablet for school mainly to download lots of presentations and PDFs and stuff, also for music,watching videos and internet surfing.

  11. I love the iPad with Retina Display. Got a great price for an Apple iPad with Retina Display MD510LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) NEWEST VERSION at amzn.to16xKta2

  12. it has desktop but you cannot go and download 3rd party apps, but its a great tool for organizing your files and making presentations. (it comes with office)

  13. This site sells really cheap iPads: ipadirect.mybigcommerce(dot)com/ipad-with-retina-display/. I got my retina for 380.

  14. what’s your point? Even if the video is a year old it doesn’t change the fact the RT destroys the Ipad. The Ipad still doesn’t have those features. The RT is cheaper, does more, faster, better screen…. Keep buying apple because you want to be trendy and you’ll get a crap product. Only thing you really wont get is itunes and if you use that still you’re a tool. Try xbox music one time and you’ll see that apple has everyone fooled.

  15. Why would 52 people dislike this video nothing wrong is it just because your favourite colour is not orange like his? Lol

  16. Yes it should, if you go to the Apple website and go to “Store” under the iPad section, click on Cases, choose iPad 2 (2nd Generation), select a /or your smart cover, and then scroll down and you’ll see a section called “Compatibility”- under there it states iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen, iPad 4th gen.

    Good luck, all the best,

    Harry 🙂

  17. Hi, I guess Apple may just be adding variety? I have noticed them on the Apple website. thanks for your comment.

  18. Hello, why are they grey on the inner side? I have bougt my smartcover a year ago and its green on both sides..

  19. Hi, I have never seen anything like that, but what a cool idea!

    Thanks for your question, you got me searching for something like this!
    If I find anything I’ll let you know …I promise 🙂

    All the best, be blessed,


  20. Hi, I’m not to sure what you mean, can you please give me more info, an example would help me 🙂

    All the best,


  21. Sorry to here that 🙁 If you have one of the original Smart Covers (i.e., before the refresh in October 2011), then it may not work because of the magnetic polarity issue. If you bought the smart cover at an Apple store, you can go there and exchange it for the most recent version, which does work.

    Hope this helps you,

    Good luck and all the best,

    Harry .

  22. Smart cover automatic lock/unlock doesn’t work on my ipad 3th generation 🙁 .. can you help me?

  23. I was thinking of matching one of the for the front of my new iPad with one of those custom get uncommon plastic back cases. I love it on my phone so I wanted cool geeky cover for my iPad too but with screen protection and stand capability as well as a front cover that can be removed when I need to use the back can for certain games (otherwise the front cover would need to be held open or folded back) should be perfect combo.

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