Q & A: Should I buy an iPad or iPod 3 tions?

Question by Michael N : Should I buy an iPad or iPod 3 tions? I have a second tions and Ipod In consideration of the above options mentioned. This question is for the current iPad users, readers not to bewerten.Bei the answer you are trying to help me: 1 I need to give attention to what I can do with one hand on my ipod because its small and I would be happy with both hands typing on iPad easily and without Anstrengung.2. I need to read an ipad, but I’ll probably less able to sit with my legs than in the display. This means that I’ll probably be in one hand. Is that an option? When I read, say – I mean, more than one Stunde.Ich thank you in advance for your current experience Best Answer:

Neha answer
Hmm … now I have the iPod 2 Gene. and if I switch between iPod 3rd Choose generation. or the iPad, I’d probably the iPod 3 Gene. because I’ve heard that the iPad stinks a kind. And plus, some of the things u can do better on the ipad u ir / l. such as reading. lol. but that’s just my opinion. 🙂 Hope this helps: D

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Q & A: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple’s new iPad?

new ipad review
by Ed Yourdon

question of the mystery : Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple’s new iPad s ok Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is limiting spacers it is a cool device A site say that it beats the new ipad but some sites and one of them is CNET say that it’s not as good as the new ipadso what you think you win, what better istSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Apple, the new iPad Best Answer:

of New York Inc
the grade garbage, lags a ton

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Q & A: Is it possible to upgrade my ipad 3 to 4?

question of Ken : Is it possible to update my ipad 3-4 Is there somewhere that let me do that with a fee Best answer:?

by Matt W
No Answer It is impossible to upgrade an iPad. Sorry, I would suggest that you check either eBay or Craigslist your iPad and get a very good price for it, then turn around to buy a the latest iPad (4th generation).

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Q & A: What is the best tablet to buy?

question of irishcelticeyes@sbcglobal.net : What is the best tablet to buy My daughter wants a tablet for Christmas and I do not know what’s worth the money. I know a little about iPad and Kindle Fire, but I also know there are many others on the market. She wants one that they use on line and play movies and videos and games and also add pic to gut.Könnte than anyone help me with this. And a good price would be good as well Best answer:.

The new iPad.

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Q & A: What do you think is the best “stylus” or pen for iPad drawing?

question of Wynn : What do you think is the best “stylus” or pen for iPad drawing I need some good recommendations for pens or “stylus”, with my IPad ziehen.Bitte to give me a little comment to think of you, is the besten.Vielen thanks. : D Best Answer:

Rick Reply
Look at the Wacom Bamboo Stylus. They made the first tablet / pen combination I’ve tried, at first, as I my MacBook Pro, and now with apps that this is something you can do right on your iPad, make, it is much easier (ie, no additional components drag, only the iPad and the pin). http://www.whatdoesipaddo.com

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On the iPad, like IP, Location tracking prevent Insure & digital check-in privacy while using Facebook?

question by Megan : On iPad, How IP Location Tracking prevent Insure & digital check-in privacy while using Facebook Please give me iPad-specific instructions, prevent tools or security software Facebook tracking in real time Best answer:.

unknown friend
Apple not have this capability on an iPad.

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Q & A: How good is the iPad 2s antivirus?

question of Dick : How good is the iPad 2s virus protection When it infact have it, is how well it @ Fred, sorry, I forgot the apostrophe between the 2 and? S Best Answer:

Fred answer
I suppose you mean iPad 2, as there is no iPad 2S, the only Apple device with an S model, the iPhone 4S. The iPad has no anti-virus software, but it’s really no big deal because the iPad does not run any special software like the software on a PC. What this means is that if you like on a PC, and a pop-up or whatever, and click it software downloads on the PC that can infect it, but since the iPad does not use the same software PC does not know how to open these files, so it can not be infected. It is the same concept as when people say Macs do not get viruses because all viruses are being developed for PC and Mac, not PC files are executed. This is an overly simplified explanation, but for the most part it is exactly ist.Auch the way to install applications (apps) on the iPad, is on the App Store, and to be listed in the App Store every app must of Apple checked to ensure that there will be no bad stuff in it. There is a chance that an app could still bad stuff in it that Apple missed when they checked it, but the chance is told much smaller for the Android app store as sagen.Kurz, I would not worry about it. So make sure that you. Backup your iPad either iCloud or by connecting to iTunes on a PC and if anything ever happened to it, it is easy to get to the factory settings to restore it and restore the last backup It takes about 30 minutes.

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Q & A: How do you organize photos on ipad? Sync w / phone computer?

request : How do you organize photos on ipad? Sync w / phone computer? As you can see orgazine groups of photos on the (new) iPad? I have a friend who is a new iPad (never used), but want the photos that are on your camera to the iPad, iPhone and computer synce.Ist the Photos tab on the iPad, to do with him subcategories of photos or is that a special app best answer:?

reply by Brendan
you can try iPod / iPad / iPhone Transfer software, it is a nice iTunes alternative that can help you upload music and video to iPod / iPad / iPhone, I always use it to sync my iPad, it is easy to use and works pretty guthttp :/ / welcometojenelleshouse.xanga.com / 766907341/ipodiphoneipad-to-computer-transfer-review /

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Q & A: This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store?

question by Devin : This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store When I click on review account nothing happens! Do I need to create a new iTunes account Apple to resolve this issue Best Answer:

answer by Bob
Here is the whole mac and apple in one place to help … Ask Apple here free1-800-MY-Apple, and … Check out the websites for more information. https://discussions.apple.com/index.jspa http://www.apple.com/contact/feedback.ht … http://www.macworld.com/ http://www.apple.com/support/ and https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2468023?start=0&tstart=0 www.facebook.com/ pages / TheAppleGossip / … http://www.apple.com/macosx/recovery/ http://9to5mac.com/ http://appleid.apple.com http://www.apple.com/support/mac/facetime/ http:/ / www.ifixit.com / iPad and Mac Parts Parts Hey, I liked your question, I’ve worked as an engineer most of my life, I hope I helped you … Good luck … CompTIA A + Certified Computer Professional

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Q & A: Does anyone know which eReader is best for the money?

question of migamw : Does anyone know which eReader is best for the money There are so many different and how features.Would with wifi capability.Trying the reviews on all of them to read, but there are so many.Thanks in advance Best answer:

response from Jaki
Hey, migamw, it is 109 I answer the same question, and I think it is not the last 😉 In my opinion, Nook by Barnes & Noble is the best combination of price and features of the eReaders market. When choosing an eReader, you must not only consider the physical properties of the device, but also compare eBook stores behind it. Sony has never been a contender for any comparison by anyone as they in their Ebook store and their devices are only like 5 pounds too expensive. Borders is behind Kobo in the U.S. and as you might have heard, Borders is on a brink of bankruptcy. Kindle and Nook are the only devices as their eBook stores have to be considered more than a million of free public ebooks as well as over a million of ebooks that you pay for available müssen.Gestützt that out of the way, you should then decide which screen you want: e-Ink or LCD. It depends on what you read. If just black & white novels then the better would be Kindle or e-Ink Nook from Barnes & Noble to be. If you read electronic magazines or college text books with a lot of color graphs and charts or children’s’ books with a lot of pictures then the better would be Nook Color LCD from Barnes & Noble Then you should understand the limitations of e-Ink eReader. – they are to be limited, black & white for now they “blink” at each ebook page turn, they’re not too good for web browsing, they need external light source for reading when dark, and they can not handle it Videos.Welches device You decide to have advantages Nook (both black and white and color) to any other eReader ability to borrow books for two weeks to friends or to your other devices, the B & N app (PC, MAC, Android phones, Apple iPhone and iPad run, etc.) to any available eBook for free while in the store to read made in the store via free Wi-Fi available, to use it for for library ebooks and for renting text-ebooks. Nook Color is worth mentioning separately as this is something between Kindle and iPad. Though Nook Color is a hybrid Android eReader / tablet device LCD touchscreen, it’s a new generation screen, anti-glare coating, and better performance in sunlight is and produces less glare all of which are damn reading on the iPad. too, the screen is amazing and readable / viewable at wide Winkeln.Insgesamt Nook Color is more than e-Reader as you can also watch video and use Android applications on them. It’s a hybrid device, much more than just an e-Reader but not a full tablet as it does not have a camera., if all you want is to read novels, could kindle (or the original E-Ink Nook) is better for you. If you want something more from your device at half the price of iPad or Galaxy tab, then Nook Color is your best Wette.Nook Color has several applications already using the device (Pandora Internet radio, QuickOffice, etc.) Also, Barnes & Noble recently released Nook SDK and Nook Developer platform that most of the existing 100,000 Android apps be ported to it will come., you can also use the Social Settings screen, your Nook Color link your Facebook account and your Twitter account., you can convert all your contacts from your Google Gmail account. Once you have linked to Facebook and Twitter and set up email contacts, you can lend and borrow books , recommend books, and share favorite quotes with your friends.

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