which android tablet is most like an Ipad?

Question by Krispy bacon: which android tablet is most like an Ipad?
My mum wants a tablet but not an expensive ipad. What is the next best thing?

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Answer by TKA1998
Yeah Android tablets of the same specs as the I-Pad cost the same just because they are not IOS operated does not mean there BAD. The cheapest tablet that is even worth having and is actually quite good is the Kindle Fire, Its the same size as the I-Pad Mini. Oh yeah you could buy and I-Pad Mini! If you like IOS.

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Do I need to have for the Android Market

question of khnaio : Do I need to sign up for the Android Market I am returning my ipad to think an Android tablet. Just wondering what. The difference between the Android Market and AppStore There are many free apps on the Android Market. ? Do I need my credit card details in order to provide for the Android Market, too — The Android Market Apps makes for many different tablets so apps on the screen fits perfectly Best Answer:

response from Bob Smith
the difference between the Android Market and the App Store, is that the App Store is filtered, how safe is there any app in apple is safe and approved, and that people can only review if they purchase the app. For the Android market, anyone can every app, and write a review. its more disorganized. You do not have to give your credit card to sign up, you just need a Google account.

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As you know, look at what Android apps without reviews?

question of Khun_Thak : How do you know which Android Apps without considering Reviews I’m an iPhone user but looking into Android for the first time. Of course, if you on the iPhone / iPad apps in the app store look at the reviews and you can watch many times an app that’s a lot of potential full of bugs, or just not ready for the market has or just a waste of time and Geld.Ich do not see any reviews, so knowing how, what to buy and what to avoid Best Answer:

response from Lukehluke There are reviews in
Android Market for apps, but you can also use Google applications, and it could use an external site that is checked.

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Q&A: What is best for a nursing student: iPad, Android tablet or laptop?

Question by Spam Me: What is best for a nursing student: iPad, Android tablet or laptop?
My wife is going into a nursing program and I would like to get her a computing device but I’m not sure which one is best for her. I’m thinking either an iPad, an Android tablet or a laptop. Which would be more beneficial for someone that is mediocre on technology?

Best answer:

Answer by Le Byte
I’d have to say a laptop would be best. (preferably a MacBook Pro)

Second – Android tablet.

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