Q&A: If anyone has an Apple Ipad is it good, should i get one?

Question by confusedgirl: If anyone has an Apple Ipad is it good, should i get one?
I was thinking of buying one and i cant find any reviews on them.

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Answer by DanielHsv0
If you have a iPod touch or iPhone of any kind….
Waste of money the only real difference in the iPad is the screen size.
There is also some draw backs such as the iPad casing make Wi-fi range decreased and there heavier and bulkier.
But if you don’t have a iPod or iPhone then think about it.
Consider the price compared to a iPod and things like that.
But to be honest i really think people should wait to the iPad 4.0 comes out with possible design change.
Up to you, im not getting one.

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Can anyone give me a personal review of the iPod Touch 4th Generation?

question of Podesta : Can anyone have a personal review of my ipod touch 4 Generation Thinking of buying one very soon, as I’ve lost my ipod touch 1st Generation.Kann anyone give me an opinion on it Best Answer:

Reply Joshan Joy
The fourth incarnation of the iPod Touch is an interesting upgrade, as it contains the first of the cameras. It comes with a 1 MP rear camera with 720p video recording, and a VGA front camera. Other changes over its predecessor include the use of A4 1 GHz CPU, 802.11n (2.4 GHz only), a 3-axis gyro sensor and a microphone. The 4th Generation is much thinner and lighter than its predecessor, measuring only 0.28 inc thickness and 101 grams The battery life is also seen an upgrade measurement at about 40 hours of audio and 7 hours of video. Last but not least is the all new Retina display with a 960×640 resolution and 24 bit eerie Farbe.Die negative points on this version of the iPod touch is the inclusion of only 256 MB of RAM (the same as iPod touch 3G), compared with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 512 MB. This could have a future impact, where some apps, or OS versions do not work with 256 MB of RAM. The other point is that pressing the volume control is very difficult, because they are inclined to placed on the page (a common design trick to make the device is thinner than it). Without a case, the device simply slips from my fingers when I press the volume buttons (because I consider it unnatural to them are to reach with the left hand) versuchen.In regarding the new camera support, I found the back 1 MP camera is many times worse than the front VGA one. Sure, it has more resolution, but there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of noise and with a very limited scope and low light support. The VGA front cam instead look much better in the dark (and it is able to hold its 30 fps in most conditions), has no noticeable noise, and it is accessible only by its lower resolution. FaceTime in everything worked really well for the few times I tried it. Skype video chat on the other side is the battery life like eating a cake 21 minutes video chat with my mother ate up to 40% of the battery (wifi, low brightness of the screen). On the other hand, put my mother, a non-technical person, as follows: “Is this a new camera you have there It’s like you on TV (tech translation: she meant a smooth 30 fps)?, And your skin looks like! Clean (tech translation: it meant a noise-free picture) “I bought iMovie v2, and it works well on the Touch 4G, although I personally found the third party app ReelDirector a powerful video editor than iMovie sein.Das device!. we received came with iOS 4.1. We have successfully upgraded to 4.3 without a problem. No scientific standards, but the device is clearly faster than my two older 1st gen and 2nd gen iPod Touches. Scrolling is smoother, loading applications zu.Mit iOS 4.x some new, very good condition, features appear: a form of multitasking, app folders for categories, AirPlay support, and of course, FaceTime. One feature that seems not to have much traction profit from users is Game Center though.Insgesamt I find the iPod Touch 4 Generation of the best small personal media player device out there. It is modern, fast, elegant, with a number of applications available in our, and pretty cheap. However, it could definitely be better: a larger screen, HD Webcam, 3 MP camera with flash back, an additional phone-style speakers for audio chat via VoIP. iOS-wise, I would love the opportunity for apps to files between them (eg export WAV audio from one app to load it on an audio effects app, then upload it to a song arrangement app, etc.) exchange to see and universal OBEX support. But really, this unit is close to perfection.

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Q & A: Does anyone know which eReader is best for the money?

question of migamw : Does anyone know which eReader is best for the money There are so many different and how features.Would with wifi capability.Trying the reviews on all of them to read, but there are so many.Thanks in advance Best answer:

response from Jaki
Hey, migamw, it is 109 I answer the same question, and I think it is not the last 😉 In my opinion, Nook by Barnes & Noble is the best combination of price and features of the eReaders market. When choosing an eReader, you must not only consider the physical properties of the device, but also compare eBook stores behind it. Sony has never been a contender for any comparison by anyone as they in their Ebook store and their devices are only like 5 pounds too expensive. Borders is behind Kobo in the U.S. and as you might have heard, Borders is on a brink of bankruptcy. Kindle and Nook are the only devices as their eBook stores have to be considered more than a million of free public ebooks as well as over a million of ebooks that you pay for available müssen.Gestützt that out of the way, you should then decide which screen you want: e-Ink or LCD. It depends on what you read. If just black & white novels then the better would be Kindle or e-Ink Nook from Barnes & Noble to be. If you read electronic magazines or college text books with a lot of color graphs and charts or children’s’ books with a lot of pictures then the better would be Nook Color LCD from Barnes & Noble Then you should understand the limitations of e-Ink eReader. – they are to be limited, black & white for now they “blink” at each ebook page turn, they’re not too good for web browsing, they need external light source for reading when dark, and they can not handle it Videos.Welches device You decide to have advantages Nook (both black and white and color) to any other eReader ability to borrow books for two weeks to friends or to your other devices, the B & N app (PC, MAC, Android phones, Apple iPhone and iPad run, etc.) to any available eBook for free while in the store to read made in the store via free Wi-Fi available, to use it for for library ebooks and for renting text-ebooks. Nook Color is worth mentioning separately as this is something between Kindle and iPad. Though Nook Color is a hybrid Android eReader / tablet device LCD touchscreen, it’s a new generation screen, anti-glare coating, and better performance in sunlight is and produces less glare all of which are damn reading on the iPad. too, the screen is amazing and readable / viewable at wide Winkeln.Insgesamt Nook Color is more than e-Reader as you can also watch video and use Android applications on them. It’s a hybrid device, much more than just an e-Reader but not a full tablet as it does not have a camera., if all you want is to read novels, could kindle (or the original E-Ink Nook) is better for you. If you want something more from your device at half the price of iPad or Galaxy tab, then Nook Color is your best Wette.Nook Color has several applications already using the device (Pandora Internet radio, QuickOffice, etc.) Also, Barnes & Noble recently released Nook SDK and Nook Developer platform that most of the existing 100,000 Android apps be ported to it will come., you can also use the Social Settings screen, your Nook Color link your Facebook account and your Twitter account., you can convert all your contacts from your Google Gmail account. Once you have linked to Facebook and Twitter and set up email contacts, you can lend and borrow books , recommend books, and share favorite quotes with your friends.

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Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire?

question by Stephanie : Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire Someone wants this for a gift, but I can not me leisten.Pro / con lists, we would be very grateful Best answer:.

answer by Kyle F.
I’m assuming you’re talking about the Kindle Fire and not the Kindle Fire HD Version.Vorteile. • Integrated microphone • front and rear facing cameras • Bluetooth capability • 0.9 inches taller • Hundreds of thousands of more applications • Much more stable / optimized, so do not crash or lag viel.Nachteile: • Much more limited. • Some people find it not a little too expensive at $ 329. • to read, if that is a preference for persons Kindle Fire and Nook Color are looking to buy it ist.Der much value for its price and meant for reading. It depends on whether you are willing to $ 129 more for the iPad Mini or not spend. The UI comes down to personal preference, I’m going to anyone who wants a tablet for belassen.Wenn talk about the Kindle Fire HD, it has a front-facing camera is 8 cm, has Bluetooth capability and a built-in microphone . So if you do not want to spend much money, I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD. Otherwise, for a few extra features, then you can buy the iPad Mini.

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Has anyone used apple freebiejeeies is it a scam?

Question by gio gio go: Has anyone used apple freebiejeeies is it a scam?
I have seen apple freebiejeebies is a free giveaway site were they give ipods and ipads etc for free. Is this legit?

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Answer by Conor
Yes apple freebiejeebies is legit I got an ipod touch from them. They don’t literally give away free ipods to people that sign up though you have to complete an offer and ask a few friends to do the same. Heres how apple freebiejeebies works. Apple freebiejeeies has a series of advertising companies these are the offers. These companies pay apple freebiejeebies for sending them potential customers i.e. people that complete offers. So after you complete an offer you have become a potential customer and receive a point. Once you ask your friends to complete some offers you will get more points and the companies will have paid apple freebiejeebies enough money to send you an ipod touch or ipad2 depending on the gift you selected.

I done a review on apple freebiejeebies and i also leave a few tips on how to get more points.

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Does anyone know the name of this ipad app game in which your an evil boss?

Question by cloo: Does anyone know the name of this ipad app game in which your an evil boss?
i saw a review for an ipad app a while ago on youtube. I just got my credit card and i wanted to start buying some apps.
You are an evil boss and you have to go through crushing little “good” soldiers.
You can customize how your boss looks like and buy new weapons and stuff.
There are no arrow keys or anything, its all done by swiping

ps. do u know any other fun 99 cent apps (or free) like zombieville? where u can upgrade your characters and stuff
Update: I found it its called Wackyland’s Big Boss. But please feel free to answer my ps. question about other fun 99 cent apps. thx

Best answer:

Answer by francisco
if you wanna try some games out, download the app that puts some apps for free for like a day and they have new ones every few days. if you like it, keep it and you get it for free. the apps range from about .99-2.99 maybe more, but those are the oens ive seen so far. i think the app name is like giveaway or something like that.

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