Q&A: If anyone has an Apple Ipad is it good, should i get one?

Question by confusedgirl: If anyone has an Apple Ipad is it good, should i get one?
I was thinking of buying one and i cant find any reviews on them.

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Answer by DanielHsv0
If you have a iPod touch or iPhone of any kind….
Waste of money the only real difference in the iPad is the screen size.
There is also some draw backs such as the iPad casing make Wi-fi range decreased and there heavier and bulkier.
But if you don’t have a iPod or iPhone then think about it.
Consider the price compared to a iPod and things like that.
But to be honest i really think people should wait to the iPad 4.0 comes out with possible design change.
Up to you, im not getting one.

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Answer by ~Clifford~
iPad is better :))

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