OtterBox Defender iPad 3 Case Unboxing (The New iPad Case)

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Apple iPad Mini Retina Unboxing 2013. Better late than never, here is our unboxing of the new iPad Mini 2. Find out what’s in the box and don’t forget to sub…
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Is this Ipad mini case good?

Question by Laurie Xx: Is this Ipad mini case good?
I wanna get my boyfriend a case for his new ipad mini for christmas and was thinking of getting the official smart front cover case but i’m concerned about the fact that it hasn’t got the back of the ipad protected. Is it important to have the back protected and should i think about a different case, or should i just buy it?

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Answer by Forever Alone
I would try to find a different case with the back covered, what’s the purpose if it’s not?

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Looking for a good Ipad case?

Question by clarinetchick224: Looking for a good Ipad case?
I’m looking for a case much like the official apple Ipad case. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews about it, and I want something similar but better. What do you suggest?

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Answer by Marc
Basically, Apple’s iPad case is bad of one good reason: it’s like a grease magnet. Your fingerprints will be all over it and it’s quite difficult to wipe them off. There are much better cases which include the same functionality; for example Leather Folio Case by DMS, Macally’s Book Case, ChiTek’s Leather Folio, etc. You can visit iPadCaseDen and read review for each of these cases.

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Pinlo Asti Case for iPad Air Review

Pinlo Asti Case for iPad Air Review

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NewTrent Airbender Mini Keyboard Case – iPad Mini – In-depth Review

Today I bring you guys an indepth review of the New Trent Air Bender Mini Keyboard Case for the iPad Mini. Functional, stylish and something that will defina…
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