Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire?

question by Stephanie : Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire Someone wants this for a gift, but I can not me leisten.Pro / con lists, we would be very grateful Best answer:.

answer by Kyle F.
I’m assuming you’re talking about the Kindle Fire and not the Kindle Fire HD Version.Vorteile. • Integrated microphone • front and rear facing cameras • Bluetooth capability • 0.9 inches taller • Hundreds of thousands of more applications • Much more stable / optimized, so do not crash or lag viel.Nachteile: • Much more limited. • Some people find it not a little too expensive at $ 329. • to read, if that is a preference for persons Kindle Fire and Nook Color are looking to buy it ist.Der much value for its price and meant for reading. It depends on whether you are willing to $ 129 more for the iPad Mini or not spend. The UI comes down to personal preference, I’m going to anyone who wants a tablet for belassen.Wenn talk about the Kindle Fire HD, it has a front-facing camera is 8 cm, has Bluetooth capability and a built-in microphone . So if you do not want to spend much money, I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD. Otherwise, for a few extra features, then you can buy the iPad Mini.

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Which mobile portable document scanner that copies color blue as well as black?

Question by In-Quiz-E-Stor: Which mobile portable document scanner that copies color blue as well as black?
I will be returning a Brother DS 600 to Staples. Despite its good Amazon reviews, I found that it doesn’t scan blue ink (e.g. blue pens) when scanning in Text (or Black and White) mode.

Yes, this Brother mobile scanner is “blind” to blue.

I am scanning documents only. I want a small scanner that costs less than $ 250.

Anybody know the answer?

Thank you for all replies.
I have 20+ years of professional scanner, desktop publishing, and computer experience.

Yes, the software (two come with it) are set properly.

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Answer by cabbiinc
Canon makes a line of flatbed scanners that are not only small and compact but they also get their power from the USB cable on your laptop. They are about the size of a laptop too. This won’t be sheetfed like the Brother scanner, so it will be a bit bulkier, but they’re designed for portability and use in the field. Check Craigslist if you want to buy used, I sometimes see them for $ 20 in my area.

I just looked up your Brother scanner and there’s a lot of complaints with it in the quality department. Consider yourself in that category. It is supposed to have 24 bit color, which is standard RGB, the spectrum used in most standard def TVs (actually better than that, but you get the idea that it’s supposed to have blue with all the rest of the colors). Are you certain that the software is set properly?

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Which is better nook color or lighting a fire?

question of danceCUTIE : What is better a corner color or Kindle Fire I wanted an iPad, but they are so expensive, and I do not want to pay so much. Plus I want to read them. Then I got a kindle in school use and I thought it was cool. Now I’m looking at corners, and I want to know which one is better. Color is not me egal.Dank Best Answer:

response from Gabbi
the nook. They hold so much more books than the Kindle does. And its easier to use …

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