iPad 3 iOS 7.1 Performance Comparison

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iPad Keyboard Comparison (Which is Better?)?

Question by TysonianSaganist: iPad Keyboard Comparison (Which is Better?)?
I’m looking into getting an iPad for college, and I want a wireless keyboard with it, but I’m stuck between two options.

The first is the standard Apple Wireless Keyboard. I think this would be the safer bet (plus it looks nicer 😉 ).
Or I could get the “HiPPiH iEagle Foldable Wireless Keyboard” for a little extra money. The design is less appealing, but it seems that a foldable keyboard would be more portable.

I prefer the standard, but I’m not sure if I would be missing out without the foldable. Foldability seems more practical, but the reviews haven’t been friendly…
(maybe higher quality and extra portability cancel out?)
I have a laptop, but it’s pretty big so I think the iPad would be easier for in-class work/notes.

Best answer:

Answer by Savannah Sweet
If you have a iPad, and want a keyboard. You might jut want to get a laptop. If you already have one, then ok. And I would go with the standard, keyboard.

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