Q&A: Is their a reading app for iPad where I can scan books that I own and read them from my device?

Question by Jade Clark: Is their a reading app for iPad where I can scan books that I own and read them from my device?
I enjoy reading but don’t like carrying heavy books around with me as I am disabled. Is there an app that can solve this problem?

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Answer by Marduk
Calibre is an app that can translate formats like txt to Kindle for your iPad. Then you would need a good OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and hand scanner. The OCR turns the scan into text rather than a graphic. Of course if you just scanned and a graphic you could run it as a slideshow and read (just an option). In any case here’s the Calibre site:


A better idea is the Gutenberg project. Gutenberg.org. Many free books.

Here are some scanners.


Scanning a book is a long and arduous process and I must tell you I think it is illegal. You might try borrowing them from your library as libraries do have ebooks.

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How to delete everything from your Safari pull down bar on an iPad?

request : How to delete everything from your Safari pull down bar on an iPad I mean the bar at the top that when you type something it shows everything related these letters begins. There are far too many pages Best Answer:

response of iPad Apps stroke
Hi Nick, To get rid of all those extra pages in Safari here is what you can do: 1) Close all existing websites that you have opened already in Safari2) Open the iPad settings (the icon with gears on it) 3) to “Safari” Tap in the left column 4) towards the bottom there are three buttons – Clear History, Clear Cookies and Clear Cache – these three clearing safari is back to what it was the first day you iPad. 🙂 Note: By default, Safari has a few pages that are stored ALWAYS show up in the drop down is down. Things like Google, Apple Help, Yahoo, etc. But the list is endless shorter than before! .. That is, until you use Safari again. You have to do that often, if you keep it neat wollen.Alternativ you can download an app called the A1 Perfect Browser. It has tons of settings, one of which erases from history after each exit the app – make the process with the Safari settings automatically. I actually use it as the default browser. We have a review of it recently, feel free to check it out: http://www.ipadappshub.com/productivity-apps/a1-perfect-web-browser-for-ipad/Hoffe that helps!

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What is the ruling on the pad soon from Microsoft?

question by Plain Jim : What is the ruling on the pad soon from Microsoft I do not know much about it except that I do not really like the iPad, so I’m probably to get to one. A full Windows 8, I think. It comes after the first publication of a less “powerful” version, does anyone know anything about them Best Answer:

Reply by Bassman1
Microsoft Tablet (Surface RT) Reviews http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=ytff-&p=microfost+tablet+ Reviews

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Are the isbn numbers for ebooks different from the actual books?

Question by Sarah c: Are the isbn numbers for ebooks different from the actual books?
i am trying to find my college textbooks as ebooks. i am having problems finding them. of the 8 books that i need i have not been able to find any of them. i am looking at buying an ipad for calendar and textbooks but if i cant find my books then there is no point.

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Answer by occool
Yes, the ISBN number for textbooks is different from the ISBN number for E-books, since it is considered to be different book. Every different edition, for textbooks or E-books, and even the loose-leaf versions of textbooks have a different ISBN number… Try to search under the name of the book you are searching for and adding E-textbook or E-book after it, this might help you with your search.

Since you have not yet bought the ipad for calendar and textbooks you could consider a different option as well to save some money…

Lately I signed up for http://www.TbookXchange.com, which seems like a relatively new free textbook exchange service. All I had to do was create an account, add the books I needed to my need list, the old textbooks to my have list, and if there are any possible exchanges, (which unfortunately does not happen every time, yet), It helps me to save some extra money from not needing to buy a new text book. So if you have any old textbooks, you could try it out, and if it does not work out for you this time, it might do so next time, who knows???

I have to say that I have worked up quite a collection on old text books from many of my previous years, since I am a senior right now. I only wish this website would have started a bit sooner…

Also you can buy your textbooks on Amazon; I used to buy textbooks here all the time, which is probably the best website for most of your purchases, especially books, since they are very cheap, and have a 30 day refund… http://www.amazon.com/?tag=tbookx-20

http://www.chegg.com might also be a good solution for you, I have not had the opportunity to use their services myself, but I have heard from my classmates that they rent you the textbook for a good price.

Hope this helped…and good luck with your textbook search.

The ISBN is a unique numeric commercial book identifier, “An ISBN is assigned to each edition and variation (except reprinting) of a book. The ISBN is 13 digits long if assigned after January 1, 2007, and 10 digits long if assigned before 2007” [Wikipedia].

Example of different editions, all same books:

“Fundamentals of Corporate Finance”
[Hardcover] Textbook: 0321558545
[Loose-leaf] Textbook: 0131377426
[e] Textbook:0131359983

To learn more about ISBN visit the link below…

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You can download books from Amazon directly to a pandigital novel 6?

question of Andwea wet and cold : Can you download books from Amazon directly to a pandigital novel 6 I really want to buy this new pandigital 6 because it’s really cheap. It also has pretty good reviews. I just want to know if I buy books from Amazon and download them directly to pandigital like the Kindle app on the iPad, Andriod Tablet PC and the Kindle Best answer:.

Reply avapatch
No. The Kindle app will not work, because that is not an Android system.

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Questions about buying the iPad 2 from Verizon with 3G?

Question by E G: Questions about buying the iPad 2 from Verizon with 3G?
Whats the deal with 3G, Do i have to pay a monthly service to have 3g access? Having 3G on your ipad means you always have internet access, right? because its built in? I have the verizon mi-fi wireless internet already so im just curious.

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Answer by S
It means you’ll have to get a data plan. It’s better to get an unlocked set which can be used with any service provider. Basically if you get the wifi it can only be used wherever there is access but with 3G you need to pay for a data plan every month and it will allow you internet access all the time.

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Is it safe to buy used things from amazon?

Question by Pavlos Aporito: Is it safe to buy used things from amazon?
i just want to buy an ipad 2 fro the amazon . 259 british pounds for the used one.. should i buy it or not? i mean what if the product has a problem ?

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Answer by BlueKoda
If the product has a problem, return it. That would be if the problem was not advertised. Amazon is very strict in their policies about situations like these.

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How to delete a duplicate song from iTunes after adding manually?

question of Medina x : How a duplicate song from iTunes after adding manually delete I do not have my laptop with all my music on it, I had to use another computer with iTunes . I had to add music manually on my iPad, so all the music on my iPad would not deleted and replaced. I added a song and sync it to the iPad, but I found better cover art, so I changed the artwork and re-synchronize. Now when I go on my iPad, there are two of the same songs, except with different artwork. How do I delete one of the songs manually Best Answer:

Reply Absolutely not a troll If you swipe
iOS5, then horizontally to the title, and it will “delete” a button that appears. Press, dass

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