Where to buy iPad 1st generation security software for data privacy & private browsing?

Question by R Hammond: Where to buy iPad 1st generation security software for data privacy & private browsing?
I have a 1st gen iPad for which I need a capable security & encryption software that supports anonymous browsing. Where can I buy it?

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Answer by Nathan
Look for apps that support VPN-based encryption. One example is Hidepad which is a well-known security software for the iPad.


It supports data privacy, internet security, encryption and, of course, anonymous browsing. It is compatible with both the 1st and 2nd generation iPad (3G and wifi models included).

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Ipad 1st generation vs HP Touchpad, which one will you choose?

Question by Luis: Ipad 1st generation vs HP Touchpad, which one will you choose?
I currently have a 32 GB HP Touchpad. There are a lot of good and bad things about the device.
Pros: I can surf the web, watch videos, listen to music, and check my email. It has Flash. Camera
Cons: Not a variety of apps! Sometimes it acts slow. WebOS can be a little bit boring at times.

OK, so now to the point. I am thinking about selling my Touchpad, and with that money I would buy an iPad 1st generation. I do not even use the camera on my touchpad, so I wouldn’t pay more just to buy an iPad 2, which is why I am looking at the 1st gen. I mostly want to buy the 1st gen because I will have access to a lot of applications and I like IOS.

Is it worth it?
Can I get feedback from ipad 1st gen owners please!
A person who has had experience with both devices would be a tremendous help!

Also, I am planning on buying it used on eBay or Amazon.
My budget is basically the money I will get from my touchpad, and I will chip in a little bit more if I have to.


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Answer by Carling
With the HP Touch pad you have the control. With a iPad you have No control, Mac control everything you do.

You need to educate yourself. With the HP Touch pad you’re NOT stuck with WebOS operating system you can install other operating system, that are fast, stable and secure. People don’t take the time to find out what’s going on in the world of technology, There are over 300 Free alternative operating systems available with over 36,500 Free professional application software packages

check out these web links for the latest March 2012 releases

For the Free application software check here

Do a little research find out what HP did with WebOS last week. now WebOS will become a fantastic operating systems in the future

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Can anyone give me a personal review of the iPod Touch 4th Generation?

question of Podesta : Can anyone have a personal review of my ipod touch 4 Generation Thinking of buying one very soon, as I’ve lost my ipod touch 1st Generation.Kann anyone give me an opinion on it Best Answer:

Reply Joshan Joy
The fourth incarnation of the iPod Touch is an interesting upgrade, as it contains the first of the cameras. It comes with a 1 MP rear camera with 720p video recording, and a VGA front camera. Other changes over its predecessor include the use of A4 1 GHz CPU, 802.11n (2.4 GHz only), a 3-axis gyro sensor and a microphone. The 4th Generation is much thinner and lighter than its predecessor, measuring only 0.28 inc thickness and 101 grams The battery life is also seen an upgrade measurement at about 40 hours of audio and 7 hours of video. Last but not least is the all new Retina display with a 960×640 resolution and 24 bit eerie Farbe.Die negative points on this version of the iPod touch is the inclusion of only 256 MB of RAM (the same as iPod touch 3G), compared with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 512 MB. This could have a future impact, where some apps, or OS versions do not work with 256 MB of RAM. The other point is that pressing the volume control is very difficult, because they are inclined to placed on the page (a common design trick to make the device is thinner than it). Without a case, the device simply slips from my fingers when I press the volume buttons (because I consider it unnatural to them are to reach with the left hand) versuchen.In regarding the new camera support, I found the back 1 MP camera is many times worse than the front VGA one. Sure, it has more resolution, but there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of noise and with a very limited scope and low light support. The VGA front cam instead look much better in the dark (and it is able to hold its 30 fps in most conditions), has no noticeable noise, and it is accessible only by its lower resolution. FaceTime in everything worked really well for the few times I tried it. Skype video chat on the other side is the battery life like eating a cake 21 minutes video chat with my mother ate up to 40% of the battery (wifi, low brightness of the screen). On the other hand, put my mother, a non-technical person, as follows: “Is this a new camera you have there It’s like you on TV (tech translation: she meant a smooth 30 fps)?, And your skin looks like! Clean (tech translation: it meant a noise-free picture) “I bought iMovie v2, and it works well on the Touch 4G, although I personally found the third party app ReelDirector a powerful video editor than iMovie sein.Das device!. we received came with iOS 4.1. We have successfully upgraded to 4.3 without a problem. No scientific standards, but the device is clearly faster than my two older 1st gen and 2nd gen iPod Touches. Scrolling is smoother, loading applications zu.Mit iOS 4.x some new, very good condition, features appear: a form of multitasking, app folders for categories, AirPlay support, and of course, FaceTime. One feature that seems not to have much traction profit from users is Game Center though.Insgesamt I find the iPod Touch 4 Generation of the best small personal media player device out there. It is modern, fast, elegant, with a number of applications available in our, and pretty cheap. However, it could definitely be better: a larger screen, HD Webcam, 3 MP camera with flash back, an additional phone-style speakers for audio chat via VoIP. iOS-wise, I would love the opportunity for apps to files between them (eg export WAV audio from one app to load it on an audio effects app, then upload it to a song arrangement app, etc.) exchange to see and universal OBEX support. But really, this unit is close to perfection.

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New Apple iPad (4th Generation): Unboxing and Demo

unboxing and demo of the new 4th Generation iPad with Retina display. 9 Apple iPad: http://www.apple.com/ipad/overview/ Detailed Specs: http://www.apple.c … Video Rating: 4/5

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iPad 4 Unboxing (New iPad 4th Generation with Retina Display Hands On)

iPad 4 Unboxing (New iPad 4th Generation with Retina Display Hands On)

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iPad 4th Generation Unboxing (iPad 4 / 4G Unboxing 2012)

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Q & A: Is the iPad 2 more like a laptop or an iPod Touch 4th Generation?

request : Is the iPad 2 more like a laptop or an iPod Touch 4th Generation I’m about to think an iPad 2, but I just wanted him as the iPod Touch 4th Knowledge generation, because if I’m going on safari kinda slow and it will say your device can not support the video you are trying to see so means that happen on the iPad and what is the difference between them, except for the size Best Answer:

reply by Cynthia
It’s basically a giant iPod touch 4g lol nd the iPod touch does not have a photo booth effect thing, but u can get n camwow, that’s pretty much it

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Is there an iPod touch 3rd Generation AV cable that works?

question by Jenna : Is there an iPod touch 3rd Generation AV cable that works I need an audio video cable so I can watch movies and stuff on my TV and I have to say you already online, but a lot of the reviews that they do not work. I have an iPod Touch 32GB and it is the third Generation, and I need one that’s gonna. Any preferences? ! Pleeease help Best Answer:

response from Michael
I have for my iPad that I old from the Apple Store and other from Best Buy for my See iPod touch. The apple you will be on the device screen and everything costs like $ 80 (although I never try it with an iPod touch) The only other shows on TV, if you play videos and only costs like $ 30 or $ 40 that sounds like what you need

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