What is the difference between the new ipad and the ipod touch ??

Question by : What is the difference between the new ipad and the ipod touch ??
ARE both devices the same or different???

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Answer by Ameer
The devices are different, new ipad 3 is the new generation of iPad. They don’t look like the same either as the new iPad has 9.7 inch panel.

Here are some cool features of the new ipad, as seen from http://www.wiztechie.com/2012/04/new-apple-ipad-3-review-features-price-and-disadvantages/

– Display
– Camera
– Internet connectivity
– Speech recognition
– Design
– Streaming

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iPod touch or iPad?? Which should i get.?

new ipad review
by ~kate~

Question by Gabriel: iPod touch or iPad?? Which should i get.?
Here’s the dilemma, I just got the new ipod nano for christmas and I don’t exactly love it. I am Currently bringing in $ 20 a week and I am saving up for either the iPad or the iPod touch. i understand that there is a price difference of $ 300 and I don’t care. i will eventually get enough. The iPad would function like a laptop for me but the iPod touch is more portable. there would be smaller webpages on iPod touch and i am confused. i have one side of me saying Ipad, and another saying ipod touch
I think I will get an ipad. i already own the ipod nano and a laptop but my laptop is a desktop replacement and weighs a million pounds. i was looking for something to carry projects back and forth to school and be able to edit them. thanks for all the input

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Answer by Spencer

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Q & A: Should I buy an iPad or iPod 3 tions?

Question by Michael N : Should I buy an iPad or iPod 3 tions? I have a second tions and Ipod In consideration of the above options mentioned. This question is for the current iPad users, readers not to bewerten.Bei the answer you are trying to help me: 1 I need to give attention to what I can do with one hand on my ipod because its small and I would be happy with both hands typing on iPad easily and without Anstrengung.2. I need to read an ipad, but I’ll probably less able to sit with my legs than in the display. This means that I’ll probably be in one hand. Is that an option? When I read, say – I mean, more than one Stunde.Ich thank you in advance for your current experience Best Answer:

Neha answer
Hmm … now I have the iPod 2 Gene. and if I switch between iPod 3rd Choose generation. or the iPad, I’d probably the iPod 3 Gene. because I’ve heard that the iPad stinks a kind. And plus, some of the things u can do better on the ipad u ir / l. such as reading. lol. but that’s just my opinion. 🙂 Hope this helps: D

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Ipod touch or iPad mini help?

question of luella : iPod Touch or iPad Mini Help I have a very old Ipod nano, it does not play TV episodes or so, and I wanted one, TV / will play the movie when I get that it wanted to bekommen.Ich to get an iPod Touch, but look at the price, it seems like I might aswell get an iPad mini. If their any advantage to get the Ipod other than it be a bit smaller? The iPad Mini is extra cost for more than 16 GB, I do not know if I asked brauche.Auch if I save music, etc. on a PC, can I sync the iPad with the mini or is that just Ipods.Die main thing I want it’s music / tv, but I do not have a laptop or tablet so could benefit from the other features of the Ipad mini. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Best Answer:

for portability ipad mini

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Can anyone give me a personal review of the iPod Touch 4th Generation?

question of Podesta : Can anyone have a personal review of my ipod touch 4 Generation Thinking of buying one very soon, as I’ve lost my ipod touch 1st Generation.Kann anyone give me an opinion on it Best Answer:

Reply Joshan Joy
The fourth incarnation of the iPod Touch is an interesting upgrade, as it contains the first of the cameras. It comes with a 1 MP rear camera with 720p video recording, and a VGA front camera. Other changes over its predecessor include the use of A4 1 GHz CPU, 802.11n (2.4 GHz only), a 3-axis gyro sensor and a microphone. The 4th Generation is much thinner and lighter than its predecessor, measuring only 0.28 inc thickness and 101 grams The battery life is also seen an upgrade measurement at about 40 hours of audio and 7 hours of video. Last but not least is the all new Retina display with a 960×640 resolution and 24 bit eerie Farbe.Die negative points on this version of the iPod touch is the inclusion of only 256 MB of RAM (the same as iPod touch 3G), compared with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 512 MB. This could have a future impact, where some apps, or OS versions do not work with 256 MB of RAM. The other point is that pressing the volume control is very difficult, because they are inclined to placed on the page (a common design trick to make the device is thinner than it). Without a case, the device simply slips from my fingers when I press the volume buttons (because I consider it unnatural to them are to reach with the left hand) versuchen.In regarding the new camera support, I found the back 1 MP camera is many times worse than the front VGA one. Sure, it has more resolution, but there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of noise and with a very limited scope and low light support. The VGA front cam instead look much better in the dark (and it is able to hold its 30 fps in most conditions), has no noticeable noise, and it is accessible only by its lower resolution. FaceTime in everything worked really well for the few times I tried it. Skype video chat on the other side is the battery life like eating a cake 21 minutes video chat with my mother ate up to 40% of the battery (wifi, low brightness of the screen). On the other hand, put my mother, a non-technical person, as follows: “Is this a new camera you have there It’s like you on TV (tech translation: she meant a smooth 30 fps)?, And your skin looks like! Clean (tech translation: it meant a noise-free picture) “I bought iMovie v2, and it works well on the Touch 4G, although I personally found the third party app ReelDirector a powerful video editor than iMovie sein.Das device!. we received came with iOS 4.1. We have successfully upgraded to 4.3 without a problem. No scientific standards, but the device is clearly faster than my two older 1st gen and 2nd gen iPod Touches. Scrolling is smoother, loading applications zu.Mit iOS 4.x some new, very good condition, features appear: a form of multitasking, app folders for categories, AirPlay support, and of course, FaceTime. One feature that seems not to have much traction profit from users is Game Center though.Insgesamt I find the iPod Touch 4 Generation of the best small personal media player device out there. It is modern, fast, elegant, with a number of applications available in our, and pretty cheap. However, it could definitely be better: a larger screen, HD Webcam, 3 MP camera with flash back, an additional phone-style speakers for audio chat via VoIP. iOS-wise, I would love the opportunity for apps to files between them (eg export WAV audio from one app to load it on an audio effects app, then upload it to a song arrangement app, etc.) exchange to see and universal OBEX support. But really, this unit is close to perfection.

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Should I buy an iPod touch or an iPad 5g mini?

request by Prashant : Should I buy an iPod touch or an iPad 5g Mini I can not decide what to buy easy. I’ve never really owned an iPod and I buying a I’m not sure whether this or the iPad mini and that’s because I already have a large smartphone. Your thoughts / opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Best answer:.

response from Eric
It’s all dependent on what you want to do with him. The iPod gives you the flexibility to use it during training and it is easy to carry in your pocket. The iPad is bulky and used primarily for home entertainment. It’s all up to you what you want it for.

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How to convince my parents to let me get an iPod Touch?

Question by Strawberry~Cow♥☺♠: How to convince my parents to let me get an iPod Touch?
I have $ 74, and I really want one. My birthday is coming up soon, and my mom says I can get it for my b-day if I pay for some. It costs $ 195. My mom says yes, but my dad… well…. he doesn’t know. He’s on a trip. We are planning to tell him about it! But I’m afraid he will say no! What can I do to persuade him? I got straight A’s this year, and I’m pretty responsible! My mom will also do restrictions on it, too. My facts so far: The iPod touch is a great product! I read reviews about it, and they say its worth it! People say that if your parents don’t approve of kids having phones, iPads, or anything like that, you should get the iPod! And my parents are like that. You can only iMessage, and FaceTime. I read a review saying that it is good for pre-teens or tweens, if they can’t get a phone. And, if I get the iPod touch (4G, 16gb) i found a SUPER cheap case for 3 bucks, which comes with a screen cover, screen cleaner, and a stylus pen.

what do u think? good enough reasons?
PS: Also my dad REALLY doesnt want me seeing inaproprate stuff, so how do i like not see that? isnt there restrictions on it?

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Answer by Jeremy Cunningham
Tell him that if he lets you have the phone, you’ll stay away from any sexual reference that has “job” in it.

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Q&A: Should I get the iPod Touch 4 or the Samsung Galaxy player 4?

Question by Scobe591: Should I get the iPod Touch 4 or the Samsung Galaxy player 4?
I was going to get the new touch, but saw mediocre reviews on the camera, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to get a new one (I have the ipod touch 3g). I haven’t found any reviews on the Galaxy Wifi 4.0, but it looks intriguing, with its 3.2 megapixel camera and Android software. Anyone know anything about this?

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Answer by Cecilia Covoletski
Samsung Galaxy player 4… If you already have a itouch then why get another one and since the camera is bad it makes sense to get the Samsung Galaxy player 4.

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Q & A: Is the iPad 2 more like a laptop or an iPod Touch 4th Generation?

request : Is the iPad 2 more like a laptop or an iPod Touch 4th Generation I’m about to think an iPad 2, but I just wanted him as the iPod Touch 4th Knowledge generation, because if I’m going on safari kinda slow and it will say your device can not support the video you are trying to see so means that happen on the iPad and what is the difference between them, except for the size Best Answer:

reply by Cynthia
It’s basically a giant iPod touch 4g lol nd the iPod touch does not have a photo booth effect thing, but u can get n camwow, that’s pretty much it

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