Kindle Fire vs. iPad?

Question by Natalie: Kindle Fire vs. iPad?
I am saving up my money to buy a tablet. So far I have about $ 200. Would it be a better investment to keep saving and get an iPad (iPad 1, not iPad 2) or a Kindle Fire? Which one would last longer? Which one is faster? And which one do you think is better?


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Answer by Kristin
I think the iPad is better, the kindle fire is more for reading with other tablet functions on the side

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Should I buy an iPad or a Kindle Fire HD?

Question by Alanna: Should I buy an iPad or a Kindle Fire HD?
I don’t own a tablet yet and I am trying to decide. I already have an iPhone and an iPod Touch so I am kind of ready to try out something different, since iPads are so similar to devices I already own. I am also leaning towards the Kindle Fire HD because it is so much cheaper. I know it has less apps but I am not too much of an app user. It sucks that it doesn’t have instagram though. Also, I am a big reader and I know that is a Kindle’s original purpose. What should I go with?

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Answer by ?
ipad because my kindle has broke 3 times

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Can you write reports on the Kindle or Nook?

Question by whit92: Can you write reports on the Kindle or Nook?
I was interested in a tablet that had a word processor, but could not decide between the two. I am definately not going to buy an IPad, so I just wanted to know which was better. Or if there is another tablet that is just as good. I want a good device at an even better price.

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Answer by Chip
Tablets aren’t really good for word processing. Yes, they can technically do the task, but it’s clumsy and uncomfortable even if you buy a real keyboard. A really cheap laptop or even a netbook would be a better choice.

And even if you’re dead set on a tablet, neither the Kindle nor the Nook is a good choice. They were designed for data/media consumers, not really for much interactive work. Their interfaces are tailored with that in mind. Again: they’re technically capable, but they’re just not the best choice. It’s like if you wanted to try to get a ferrari to haul a trailer: it’ll do it, but it just wasn’t designed for it and you’ll have to put up a lot of needless effort and expense to make it work.

If you insist on a tablet check out the samsung galaxy series. Those models were made for more interactive/business use.

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Getting a Kindle Fire for my birthday?

question of Southern Belle : Getting a Kindle Fire for my birthday I’m getting a Kindle Fire for my birthday from my grandparents and was curious how they measured up next to the ipad. I like to read, but I would like to use also in a position to applications as well as the Internet. What is the selection like go as far as apps and how good is the Internet? Also is there anything else I should know? I’ll turn the 16 Best answer:.

dreamer_obbsesser_changer answer
There are good and bad things about the Kindle Fire. The iPad is a better choice, but it costs a lot mehr.Vorteile: Internet works great, and you have Adobe Flash already installiert.Hat its own App Store by Amazon.Kann music play anything you buy that is downloadable on Amazon Kindle gehen.Sie to get a free month of Amazon Prime (which for me is great, but others might not really care) It’s great for reading, if you have an article on the internet has these glasses things, the bigger the words and is read from all unnecessary ads and other things to make going möchten.Es is much smaller than the iPad. This could be a con, but in my opinion it is a pro because it is much easier to fit it in purses and bags when you go to use it wollen.Nachteile: there is no camera. If there is one thing that I wish it was the best thing was, it would be a camera sein.Es is no way to connect a keyboard. Is almost always for some people who use it as a netbook like thing and a keyboard a Notwendigkeit.Apps are descriptive nature. Yes, you get tons of apps, but it sometimes takes a while for the most popular on iTunes, to appear for the Kindle.

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what do you think about the Kindle fire?

Question by da princess: what do you think about the Kindle fire?
I need to know if about your opinion on it .
Pros , cons and if there is anything you that would suggest . I dont really want the Ipad 2, my dad has it . so i dont really want it.
okay, so im really stuck between the htc flyer , nook and the kindle fire . which is better ? and why ? thanks !

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Answer by Zachary
It’s good, but I would go with the nook color. Look it up.

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Is the new Amazon Kindle Fire worth the price?

Question by Johan: Is the new Amazon Kindle Fire worth the price?
All I’m looking for is something I can browse the net with, watch video, and take with me when to travel so I can still send email and stuff(don’t need an Ipad). Would the new kindle fire be good for its pretty cheap price or too buggy/not good enough to be worth it? Or should I get an HP Touchpad at the $ 230 or so they go for on ebay? Or should I look elsewhere?

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Answer by Coolio
Hi, Johan, before you think of getting a Kindle Fire, here’s some limitations of it that you need to consider:
– Kindle Fire doesn’t have microSD slot that, for example, Nook Color has thus it is stuck with 6 GB usable internal storage unlike Nook Color that can get up to 32 GB card in. Kindles are made to make sure you’re tied up to Amazon’s storage on the web (for which you need Wi-Fi connection to get to) and you can only store content you get from Amazon there, not other files. Quoting Amazon on Kindle Fire: “Free cloud storage for all Amazon content”. Get it, Amazon content?
– The stats of how long the battery can last (Kindle Fire theory is 7.5 hours) are taken with Wi-Fi off. It will last only about 3 hours if you use it to access content from their Cloud storage over Wi-Fi.
– Amazon can spy on your web activity through their new cloud-integrated web browser of Kindle Fire.
– VERY IMPORTANT – lack of microSD slot means that if you decide to root your Kindle Fire, you’ll have to root the actual device thus there will be no coming back. On Nook Color, you can make it boot from a “rooted” microSD card and if you want to get back to the original Nook you can just take out the card and reboot.
– Kindle Fire doesn’t have a camera.
– Kindle Fire has about 70% less usable screen area than iPad 2.
– Kindle doesn’t support eBooks in ePub format that is the most used format in the world.
– Kindle app store contains only Amazon approved apps and it does not include (and will not include) Netflix app that iPad has and Nook Color is getting thus again you’re stuck with Amazon content only.
– Amazon confirmed that you cannot download/stream anything to Kindle Fire when traveling outside US.
– Amazon says it will review every app in its Appstore for Fire compatibility, as part of an automated process. Rejected apps will include those that rely on a gyroscope, camera, WAN module, Bluetooth, microphone, GPS, or micro SD. Apps are also forbidden from using Google’s Mobile Services (and in-app billing), which, if included, will have to be “gracefully” removed. In terms of actual content, Amazon has outlawed all apps that change the tablet’s UI in any way (including theme- or wallpaper-based tools), as well as any that demand root access.
– I’d recommend waiting for Nook Color 2 that is rumored to be released by Barnes & Noble shortly.

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Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire?

question by Stephanie : Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire Someone wants this for a gift, but I can not me leisten.Pro / con lists, we would be very grateful Best answer:.

answer by Kyle F.
I’m assuming you’re talking about the Kindle Fire and not the Kindle Fire HD Version.Vorteile. • Integrated microphone • front and rear facing cameras • Bluetooth capability • 0.9 inches taller • Hundreds of thousands of more applications • Much more stable / optimized, so do not crash or lag viel.Nachteile: • Much more limited. • Some people find it not a little too expensive at $ 329. • to read, if that is a preference for persons Kindle Fire and Nook Color are looking to buy it ist.Der much value for its price and meant for reading. It depends on whether you are willing to $ 129 more for the iPad Mini or not spend. The UI comes down to personal preference, I’m going to anyone who wants a tablet for belassen.Wenn talk about the Kindle Fire HD, it has a front-facing camera is 8 cm, has Bluetooth capability and a built-in microphone . So if you do not want to spend much money, I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD. Otherwise, for a few extra features, then you can buy the iPad Mini.

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Q&A: Do you have to be a big Amazon user to enjoy the Kindle Fire HD/Gen 2?

Question by Whateverkyo: Do you have to be a big Amazon user to enjoy the Kindle Fire HD/Gen 2?
Just wondering, I heard the Kindle Fire HD or Gen 2 are best used for people that are big time users of Amazon. I hardly use Amazon I bought a couple games and some other stuff, but I haven’t used the site for much of anything more (I don’t use prime). Can I still enjoy the Kindle Fire without being so involved with Amazon, or should I go with the Nexus 7? Ipad is not an option, don’t have the money for that.

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Answer by Ryan
The advantages which are not related to Amazon are:
– Front facing HD camera for skype
– 1280*800 HD display
– Digital dolby audio
– Dual wifi antenna for faster downloads and streaming
– HDMI out

Amazon is basically the service provider, If already have an account, you are able to download apps, use the free cloud storage and stuff like that.

Comments on Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7, should be helpful:

Kindle Fire HD, sales page:

Nexus 7 on the other hand is a tablet with google services and has an advantage in apps, processor and Jelly bean OS.

Nexus 7, price is tax included:

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Q&A: Will the kindle fire sell out in stores on Tuesday?

Question by Amanda: Will the kindle fire sell out in stores on Tuesday?
I know that it’s impossible to know for sure, but it seems to have generated a lot of buzz and projects to outsell the ipad this quarter. It’s released tomorrow, and stores like Best Buy don’t allow pre-order, you can only buy it in the store. Will I most likely have to go early before the store opens and wait in line to guarantee that I get one, or is there a good chance that they will be in stock all day?

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Answer by Dani
You may not be able to pre order one but you can reserve one. Although it might be too late for that now. I reserved 2. One for myself and one for my mother. To do so I had to buy two 50 dollar best buy gift cards. (One for each of us, since I reserved one under my name and one under hers).

The guy who sold them to me said I could come in and play with one when they were released and if I didn’t like it, I wasn’t obligated to buy it, but by reserving one I guarantee that I *will* be able to get it, if I want it. Why dont you call best buy now (before they close, unless they already are closed where you’re at) and ask if you can come in and reserve one.

Other than that, I have no clue if they’re going to sell out tomorrow. I’ve read that alot of the hype behind them is media made, but that might cause a bit of a frenzy among people wanting one, thinking if they wait, they’ll be sold out quickly. .. but if they’re sold out quickly there’s a good chance they’ll be restocked quickly, too.

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