Nexus 10, iPad 4, or Alienware?

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Question by Andrew: Nexus 10, iPad 4, or Alienware?
So I saved up money and I’m looking to upgrade.

I’m a casual gamer, right now I’m pretty much only playing Sims 3 and League of Legends. I own a MacBook Pro and upgrading my ram to 8GB could be an option since sims 3 seems to run very slow now. If not, I could buy an Alienware as I am a fan of the performance it brings, the steam partnership, and the brand itself.

I also own an iPad 2 but I’d really like to have a better screen on my device as I use it for movies and netflix. The iPad 2 is running slower now and I’m not that much a fan of ios 7 so I may be in favor of selling the iPad for my first android tablet, but I’m not sure as you don’t know what you miss until you lose it.

What do you think would be my best option?

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Answer by Kevin
Hi, basically you have everything related to Apple devices then you are better off with the iPad 4 and getting an upgrade on your Macbook pro’s RAM.

Comments on iPad 4 vs previous version of iPad, would definitely be helpful on this decision:

Nexus 10 is almost like the iPad 4 in every place. Just that the app selection of iPad is much better and the games are made for HD screen of iPad separately to make you enjoy the HD screen of iPad with over 375k apps specifically optimized for iPad 4.

Alienware IMO is a good laptop for gaming but since you already have the macbook pro, I prefer upgrading the RAM only.

Hope this helped!

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I’m going through the pre and disadvantages for you ausführen.Nexus: brilliant, good screen, grunt enough for a good price and is easy to use. And more flexible software-wise, in the transmission of things and download. Plus, you have so that you do not have flash to download apps for particular sites, saving space. The screen is a little small, and it can not really be used for everyday things, Facebook, web browsing, yes. But otherwise, you would be better with the iPad. Also half the price! And tough, wahrscheinlich.iPad: ideal for everyday use, large screen size and plenty of power. However, it is the opposite in the software. Using your computer and a Bluetooth-sharing without synchronization is a pain. But, it is easier to use and has more use than the Nexus.FAZIT: I would go for the Nexus. Android is much nicer and has a greater feeling. Also the whole thing half the price is cheaper, if not cheaper 3x.IGNORE QIN.

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