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Image by Whistleblower 2010
Please forgive any typo’s: I’m still editing in bits and pieces. I’ve misspelled a lot. I’ll also add to this periodically. My memory is extraordinary. So, I have to peel memories back one layer at a time. Like an onion. This particular onion stinks to high Heaven. It’s a disturbing set of circumstances. When I recall events I re-live them. One word… Eideteker. So ‘trauma management’ is something I’m learning as I go.

I’m doing this to raise awareness about the ever-so-subtle ways of predators. This not about blame. It’s about accountability. Myself, law enforcement, and officers of the court made mistakes. I was not ‘formally’ educated. I was a ‘volunteer’, as I believe anyone should be when it comes to contributing to child safety, and the safety of law enforcment. They are civil servants. Over-worked, and underpaid. They need all the assistance they can get. Especially, when it comes to the apprehension of child abusers of any kind. Now, the criminal investigators, and prosecutors, need to accept this. Egos got in the way, and/or worries over 401K’s, promotions, and job security. Their degrees, and jobs, don’t mean shit when a child is being trafficked by the likes of Scott Rozear Mason, or in the death of young Matthew Nestle. If you think I’m being judgmental, I may be. However, had you judged yourselves, instead of a witness who put her life on the line in the interest of public safety, then none of this would be necessary. Law enforcement quit returning my phone calls long before I got on the witness stand. During my interview with them, Richard Beasley was the subject of focus. When I realized Scott Mason should also be the subject of focus, I left messages on the voice mail of said investigator. I sent several e-mails to Alicia Lawrence-Witness Handler (I’ll print them up and upload ) indicating the child Beasley went around was still in danger. I also indicated that myself, and my partner were in danger. They already knew this. They had Glen Harris read a threatening letter, from Beasley to Scott Mason into evidence. "Do whatever you have to do to keep them off of the stand." No response from any of them. I continued to reach out to them as an inmate. No response. Now, Mason has a MURDER victim, not just a child sex-abuse victim.

This is messy. Like the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals/George W. Bush scandal. Millions died so they could beef up their bottomlines according to the Washington Post. The same news publication that exposed Nixon. the Whistleblower from within Pfizer saved as many lives as he could. Like Jeffrey Wigand did with the tobacco industry.

The N.A.A.C.P. JUSTIFIABLY raised hell about Trayvon Martins senseless death. It’s time ALL victims/witness’s of child sexual predators raise hell about the equally senseless death of 18 year old Matthew Nestle, of Pensacola FL. Matthew was murdered by a racist child molester named Scott Rozear Mason. He was convicted for assaulting an African American woman in Pensacola back in 2009, or 2010. She assaulted him right back, with a weapon! Good for her! By Scott Mason’s own admission, to me, he beat that woman for no other reason than because she was African American. Ironically, Scott Mason also tried to use the "Stand Your Ground’ Defense. His Motion was denied and he’ll stand trial for 2nd Degree Murder on December 2nd, 2013. Basically in 2 weeks. he was aquitted on firearms charges after pulling a gun on his ex-wife. She, like him, was an addict. However, I believe she let her shame about her drug use get the better of her and lied on the stand about her drug use. As a result, according to Scott Mason, he walked. He admitted to this crime because, as he pointed out, he was protected by "Double Jeopardy". He believes he cannot be retried for the weapons charge. I, however copped to my criminal record, and the fact that I was a fugitive, while on the stand. For the record, I do not molest children. I like adults no younger than myself, or very close to my own age, they’d better be well-educated, and have serious swag. I don’t want to be involved with anyone that I can ‘get over’ on. I insist on a ‘level playing field’.

Beasley has no grounds for appeal based on anything I said. I went into that courtroom to tell the WHOLE truth. The prosecuting attorney made sure that did not happen. I can’t answer questions that are not asked. Probation Specialist Glen Harris may have committed perjury. Could be he was told to stick to his original arrest report, which I told the A.S.A. that my phone call was not anonymous. Glen snuck me his private number while on a visit to the house, after I asked for it at the door. It was obvious that I was terrified. Mr. Harris handled it beautifully. Slick. Glen was an ‘Officer and a Gentleman’. Until he sat in our living room and lied to a criminal investigator, who was looking into crimes that were recently committed by Beasley and the Masons, that he "received an anonymous phone call". My partner and I were stunned. Glen had saved our lives. Fact is, we all made mistakes. We all need to answer for them. Perhaps we do not need to be punished for them. However, there needs to be an audit of where everything went wrong that lead to the very avoidable death of Matthew Nestle. That’s what all this ranting of mine is about. We need to exam the whole picture, and learn preventative maintenances. I did everything in my power to get Scott Mason off of the street before he really hurt someone, irreparably. My efforts were cockblocked by…law enforcement officers who didn’t want to hear it…I am continuing my campaign, here, 3 years later. After sacrificing my partner, my civil liberties, being assaulted with a deadly weapon in prison for being a ‘snitch’, being unnecessarily maced, also for snitching on officers who violated the Prison Rape Elimination Act. I finally had my set-down with Inspector Munnerlyn after a newly promoted Sgt. sexually exploited an inmate. Then another sexually exploitative officer, Officer White, set me up to be assaulted, again. I ended my sentence from Administrative Confinement, after be refused Protective Confinement for the 5th time. I doubt documentation can be found to support this as wanton P.R.E.A. violations at Lowell C.I. may cost them federal funding. They got messy. I am not looking for sympathy. Only empathy for raising awareness about any type of rape. Point is, I’m not letting this go until I know I’ve exhausted my resources for getting justice for countless victims, and doing all I can to prevent future victims. As every adult ought to do.

I received a notice, via e-mail, that all e-mails to the witness handler were a matter of public record. It said any e-mail to any orange county official is a ‘public record’. I’ll print that up and upload it, too. I’d be willing to bet that the prosecution didn’t turn the e-mails from their ‘key witness’ over to the defense per the rules of ‘discovery’. For the record, I am not trying to help defendant Richard Beasley. He has 17 pending felonies in Polk Co. MO. Should he walk out of the Florida Prison he’s in, it’s likely that he’d be promptly re-arrested by any number of jurisdictions. He’s about 70 years old. He’ll be locked-up for life. However, because officials wanted his ‘antlers on their wall’ they cockblocked other investigations that I believe may have gotten 2 children to safety. One is now dead. The Orange Co. states attorneys didn’t have to stack the deck. There was more than enough truth to go around. The truth could have gotten at least 3 sexual predators/murderer of the streets. That means these A.S.A.’s are no better than those whom they prosecute.

WARNING: the following is an extremely troubling recounting of my experience as a witness of R.I.C.O. Violations, possible human and/or sex trafficking, child abuse, child sexual abuse, and a possible government cover-up. I’ve discussed all of the following, and more, with my previous legal counsel Professor C. Chad Cronon. He was supportive, in as much as he could be, and still practice ‘self-preservation.’ He received a hostile phone call from someone @ the Orange Co. Courthouse while I was residing with Dr. Cronon. I was awakened by his yelling, on the phone, at about 7:30am in August 2013, I think. He later told me a bit about the call. Basically, he stated that he believed my being in Orlando, and pursuing the below mentioned atrocities, had some people at the Courthouse up-in-arms. He said "I’m filing that Chapter 119 Request for Records. I’m piqued. I will review that file myself." I asked why, he said "because I think it will reflect that your defense attorney DID call them, and they did nothing." He stated that in a phone call with his former co-worker, Kimberly Mann, A.S.A. (supervising attorney-I believe) that he reminded her that she "let her key witness" go to prison. At one point I insisted that Chad recuse himself as my counsel. He refused. Then I stated "you’re fired…" he said "No. I won’t let you. You have no idea who these people are, or what they can do to you…" I reminded him that I knew exactly what they are capable of. I was in the courtroom and witnessed some unimaginably atrocious shit by L.E.O.’s. Then, I went to prison. Scott and John Mason are still on the streets. Project Innocent INC has NOT been ‘Involuntarily Dissolved’ by the FL Dept. of the Treasury like all of Daniel L. Selby’s other bogus organizations have been.." So, I kept him on as counsel, and was even made an ‘agent’ of his law practice to be immune from being supboenaed.

I’ll be uploading 2 videos to youtube. They will be video recorded statements of events about the content below, and my hell-raising in prison to raise awareness (and leave some form of paper-trail) about the wanton disregard of the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, and it’s instructions as written by the Internal Auditors at Bay County Jail, and FL D.O.C.’s Lowell C.I. I’ll speak about their retaliation for reporting, their messy ways of covering it up, and my messy ways of leaving a trail for D.O.J. should they choose to investigate. My statements do have ‘probative value’ if nothing else…

Using someone else’s bad behavior as an excuse for your own bad behavior is horseshit. That said, when law enforcement and /or prosecutors use someone else’s bad behavior as an excuse NOT to act when a child’s welfare is in question (inaction is an ACTION) then you’re doing exactly what criminals do. Perhaps using your skills, and a sense of discernment to sort through the facts (eating the meat and spitting out the bones), and then acting, would be a better approach. Because in this messy situation you ‘threw the baby out with the bathwater…’ Quite literally. I am quite indignant, and sanctimonious. I’ve, by God, earned the right to be pissed as hell.

I’ll post a link when the videos are ready. ‘Spilling out’ by typing this stuff is easier than speaking about it. Officers saw what happened when I talked about some of the horrifying evidence I found that prompted me to call them. I had to dismiss myself to the restroom because I was about to throw up. I choked it back and resumed my sworn statement. They asked if they could have the horrifying photo’s, and evidence of racketeering. I said "Please get it out of my house."

I’ll remind law enforcement of the multiple times, throughout 2010-2013, I’ve tried to add to my initial sworn statements regarding Richard Edwin Beasley, Scott Rozear Mason, and John Richard Mason. I was told I could contact you, if I needed to, after my many initial examinations. My phone calls were not returned, and a young male who grew up being abused by monsters is dead, by gunshot. Murdered by Scott Rozear Mason.

Here, my intent is not to prevent law enforcement from doing their jobs, but to raise hell because somebody, somewhere did NOT do their god damned job. Matthew Nestle can never get help, now. How many more kids are you going to basically abandon out of some misplaced sense of machismo, and/or witness credibility. The statistics say these bastards share their secrets with other CRIMINALS (not just sex offenders), so you WON’T act, if a criminal informant comes forward, lest the informant get nailed, too. Thus deterring any future witness(s) of child/sexual abuse by predators. You let the rapists win. By law enforcment, I also mean the fucking states attorneys who, according to a states attorney who spoke at Florida State Subcommittee hearings about sex offender legislation, don’t want to "look like an idiot up there…" I’ve actually witnessed an A.S.A. play games in court because she was more worried about her appearance than public safety. The same might very well be said for the police, too. I’m gong to let y’all figure that shit out. Just start pointing fingers and then they’ll roll on each other. The shit will reveal itself, eventually…

The following is about how I, as a fugitive for almost 8 years on an old 2002 theft charge, unknowingly rented from a bunch of monsters. I had no idea that after my arrest, by Bay Co. warrants division in 2004, my V.O.P. warrant was NOT TAKEN OUT of the system. Anyway, very soon after we moved in amongst these monsters we had ‘red flags’ going off everywhere, but nothing indicative of the following allegations, and what they were doing I didn’t have enough to effectively ‘hang my hat on’. We DIDN"T know that they were sexual predators. I knew something was up, but no idea exactly what. I heard fragments that added up to something very bad. I told Glen Harris this once I became his informant. We both soon learned how right I was. I pledged to my partner of 9 years, at that time, that "If Beasley goes anywhere near a child. I’m calling Mr. Harris." or whomever I needed to call. I do mean ANYWHERE NEAR a child. I did not know his charges at that time, just that he was a sex offender. Now, I did not know Beasley when he caught his charges in 2009. Nor when I got caught trying to rack some shit in 2002. We met him in 2010 when we moved to Pensacola to help with the BP oil spill clean-up. Photos of my partners special hats, and T-shirt, are still in my photostream from way back then. We unknowingly rented a room in a house managed by, and owned by pedophiles. I later learned that the homeowner, John R. Mason, was about to be released, early, from prison for child pornography. His son, Scott Rozear Mason… well, let’s just say that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree." The following is the SHORT version of what happened when I acted as any responsible adult should. There were many not-so-responsible acting adults, with money, educations, etc. who chose to set back in silence while Scott Mason did some really atrocious shit. Had they told me what they knew, I’d have acted sooner. But, they like DRAMA, and to set back and bitch, piss, and moan about shit. Yet, DO nothing but run their god damned mouths. They are why these bastards get access to so many victims before a prosecutor can make a case. I was the only adult who came forward to help law enforcement try to make the world a safer place for kids. I have nothing but cuss words for everyone else who lived on Bayview Way. YOUR SILENCE is what gives these predators their power. Fuck you, for that. You all were more worried about the money they were steeling than the safety of defenseless kids. Double ‘Fuck you!’ for that.

My point, in sharing all of this is 1) education, and 2) I have a 1st amendment right to free speech. Law enforcement refused to return follow-up calls, after my statements, that could have had Mason in prison long before he murdered that 18 year old on December 14th, 2012. So fuck any future allegations of ‘Obstruction of Justice’. You obstructed your god damned selves. Ignorance is the mother of all fuck-ups. Fear is the father of all fuck-ups. Ego is the spawn of both.

Chad was teaching me how to use his iPad so I can list some stuff on eBay for him. I have limited art supplies right now. I could rack a bunch of shit, but, considering I just did 10 months prison time for a ‘grand rack’ I did 12 YEARS AGO!!! I just decided to continue to push the limits of my creative gifts and make use of what little I have. As a result, my new friend Chad was helping me as best he could. He is an attorney/law professor/legal scholar/civil rights activist. He heard my story at a ‘social’ function at the GLBT Center here in Orlando and he was piqued. He used to be a prosecutor in the same office as the ones who lost track of child predator Rick Beasley.

So Chad got on his laptop and vetted everything, via internet, with me setting right there in his living room. I think he thought I was full of shit. I think he thought he was going to catch me in a lie. He did not. He realized, even more than I, just how monstrous the whole reality was. He was visibly shaken and quite disturbed. He was like "Heather…You have no idea how bad this really is…" The more we talked, and he considered everything he saw in the public records, he said "There’s only one way Beasley walked through all those safety features they had in place. He must of had federal protection." I reminded Chad that according to police reports, and by Beasley’s own confessions (in the form of denials) Beasley targeted the tiny toddlers of drug addicted parents, did drugs with them, and then sexually abused the children. The evidence I found indicates that he took Polaroids while he abused the kids. If he offered up info on terrorists, for a walk, the prosecutors would tell him to go fuck himself!" I hoped any prosecutor would, anyway. Chad said "He’d have to have info on human trafficking…" I had no idea what that was, nor did I ask Chad. I just immediately thought of the movie ‘Taken.’ However, last week I looked it up. And based on my many discussions with Chad, as to why Scott Mason was a threat to public, and child safety, I believe Scott Mason is guilty of the following definition: Wikipedia link to definitions of sex/human trafficking:

Basically, a child does not have to be moved from one location to another in order to be trafficked for sexual purposes for financial gain by the childs trafficker. It can happen at the child’s home, church, day care center, school, home of a friend/family etc. I believe this based on what Beasley, and Scott Mason said in bits and pieces. I knew it added to to being ‘wrong’, but I had no legal knowledge of what these bits and pieces added up to. I also know this summation/interpretation of Wikipedia’s definition from my experiences as a very little girl. The pedophiles have no problem coming to the child. It’s less conspicuous, and therefore goes undetected. The ‘financial gain’ or ‘lucrative’ rewards could merely be a roof over the parents head, a supply of drugs, NOT being reported to the police for crimes the parent may have committed (i.e. child abuse, drugs, theft, etc), legal help with said criminal allegations/charges from an attorney (or providing an attorney), or inclusion in a lucrative racket, with the predators/pedophiles. The homeless, the drug addicted, and financially destitute are favorite targets. The trafficker/abuser does not have to even be aware of what they are doing. They may simply have the phrase ‘you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours’ in mind. The words trafficking/exploitation/abuse may not even be in their lexicon. Like a ‘cheap date’. I was offered all of the above by multiple predators to participate in what I believed (though they never actually said the word bribe) to be organized criminal goings on, and when I declined my safety and the safety of my partner and pets were threatened. I told them to shove it up there ass, albeit as subtly as their threats… While I was on the witness stand on June 16th, 2011, Beasley’s lawyer threw it up in my face that Beasley helped with housing, as if that buys one the right to hurt a child, or anyone else for that matter. As if I was to feel ‘indebted’ and thus be in ‘servitude’ to him. "And you had him VIOLATED???" the lawyer asked. I responded with complete indignation. I got the point across that I, my soul, nor the right to hurt ANYONE, could not be bought from me. It was a sugar-coated "FUCK that, and FUCK you!"

Chad kept trying to convince me to leave it alone, the shit could get me killed. That is, the apparent cover-your-ass moves by the State of Florida that has, now, at it’s worst resulted in the senseless death of an 18 year old male. Now, keep in mind that I became an informant in 2010. Scott Mason murdered the boy in December 2012! During the summer of 2013 when Chad chose to become my legal counsel, he was telling me all this and niether of us new that Scott Mason was in jail waiting to be tried for murder. Chad and I could not understand, at the time, why the fuck they weren’t responding to my phone calls, or written sworn statements. Then, as I was researching criminal histories of the principles, I Googled "Scott Rozear Mason, Pensacola Florida, criminal history". And I got physically ill from the news articles that popped up. This was around 1 am. Chad had woke up and came into the living room. I said in a very sick, defeated voice "I believe I why know Detective _________ hasn’t returned my phone calls about Scott Mason…"

"Why?" Chad asked, intrigued. Sleep mask on his head in a t-shirt and boxers.
"Scott Mason has murdered an 18 year old boy.." You could hear my need to puke in my voice. Chad threw his head back in defeat. He hadn’t forgotten the many all-nighters we pulled trying to make sense of the mess, and connect the dots. I told him why I continued to try to get Mason under investigation… He knew this wasn’t just me being pissed about going to prison, anymore. A kid died and it was so avoidable. Fucking egos of the educated. They have a fucking piece of paper on the wall that says "Official Smart Person", and/or a badge. So, they think they have nothing more to learn. Chad, a very educated man, said "I believe you’re right, That’s exactly what happened. Big ego’s…" Yes, I do indeed have a big fucking chip on my shoulder. I told my mother, and my partner, that they were going to "bury me. Too many high priced ego’s fucked-up. They have to much to lose if I start pushing the envelope." Mom and Catherine didn’t believe me. This was right before I called Mr. Harris, again, right after we were served our subpoena’s. I called him to ask what to do about the new evidence I’d found on Beasley’s Bolivar MO charges, and the evidence of racketeering/R.I.C.O. violations.

In these pedophiles minds I stole money from them (that THEY stole from the I.R.S.) and I GAVE IT BACK to the I.R.S. and told the I.R.S. HOW the pedophiles stole it. It was easy to figure out. It wasn’t rocket science. I know a rocket scientist/aerospace engineer. I’m sure he’d agree… Chad looked up this link to a PUBLIC RECORD while he was authenticating my allegations. When he saw an attorney’s name (Bernard F Daley Jr.- Tallahassee sex-offender defense attorney) on the these corporate articles, along with the following convicted felons he jumped up and was visibly shaken. The following are on these ACTIVE corp. articles:

John R. Mason – convicted and incarcerated for child pornography at the time these articles were filed with the Florida Dept. of the Treasury, and when the E.I.N. # was given to Project Innocent INC (registered as a tax-exempt non-for-profit)

Scott R. Mason – had multiple felony convictions for violence and firearms back in 2010 when I found this and gave it to multiple criminal investigators. Including a criminal investigator with the I.R.S. She was humble, no egotistical attitude from her. She returned my phone calls and e-mails. She was eager to move on this. Now, almost 3 years later, Scott Mason is about to stand trial for the murder of a kid. I believe I know more about this kid per letters I found hand-written from an incarcerated John R. Mason, while housed at Jackson Correctional Institute. I turned these letters over to a specialist with P.P.D. So, they should be in the Pensacola P.D.’s evidence locker.

Daniel L. Selby: Richard Beasley’s 20 year partner in crime. They were tried together in Orlando back in like 2000, for over 60 R.I.C.O. violations. Search Selby and Beasley’s names at:…
There also is a motion pending, by Selby, in Orange Co. His attorney of record: Bernard Daley. ‘Bernie’ don’t work for free. Selby is still incarcerate. His former cell mate at Jackson C.I. was none other than John Richard Mason. He got Beasley hooked up with the Masons. I’ll draw up a flow-chart on the entire organization. From memory, almost 3 years AFTER I turned all the evidence I found to the investigating officers/agents. Public records are protected under the "Freedom of Information ACT." I can connect the dots.

Ronald Hobson: is incarcerated at Union Correctional Facility, and was at the time these articles were filed. His charges are:

Corrections Offender Network:
Inmate Population Information Detail
(This information was current as of 11/17/2013)

FL D.O.C. DC Number: K61466
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5’06”
Weight: 174 lbs.
Birth Date: 10/17/1951
Initial Receipt Date: 02/21/2002
Current Facility: UNION C.I.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: 05/04/2022
(Release Date subject to change pending gain time award, gain time forfeiture, or review. A ‘TO BE SET’ Release Date is to be established pending

Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date: 09/04/1999
Sentence Date: 1/16/02
County: ST. Lucie, Florida
Case No. 0100634
Prison Sentence Length: 25 years

Apparently only Orange Co. Florida plays with child molesters. Ironic since it’s the home of Disneyworld… Things that make you go: Hmmmmmmm

So, in January of 2010, I handed multiple criminal investigators a ‘Magic Bullet’ that could have gotten Beasley, Scott Mason, John R. Mason, and several of their partners in prison away for decades. get child rapists off the street any fucking way you can. Yet, they are still in business. A registered non-for-profit business, at that… So under the advice of Chad Cronon J.D., I’m going ‘nuclear’. That is to say I’m going public ‘Balls to the wall’… I’m omitting a great deal out of respect for victims, and due to ongoing investigations. I hope there are still ongoing investigations. if not, there damn sure should be.

After further review of my savant-like, eideteker memory, I believe I instinctively recognized indications of sex trafficking of at least one child. I did not see anything happen. Trust me, I’d never just set back and knowingly allow any abuse of any kind to any child. I would physically intervene, if necessary. I retain facts like a fucking sponge. I have almost perfect total recall and can assume the perspective of others and see their motives/agendas without sympathizing with them. I am not easily manipulated. In the case of Beasley, and the Masons, my eideteker ‘gift’ FEELS more like a ‘curse’. However, I’ve continue to try to let it contribute to the safety of children. Glen told me "You probably saved somebody’s life." He’s not the type to pass out any compliments or commendations.

I had no idea about the special motions filed to insure Beasley’s incarceration, that were ignored by both the States Attorney office, who filed and won these motions, but also by the sentencing judge. I kept telling my former partner at the time I was renting from Beasley, and I told Chad more recently "Something was seriously wrong with the whole picture. I just didn’t know what… I knew I had to I fix it for them." ‘Them’ being the countless victims who didn’t get justice.

Chad was an Asst. States Attorney years before I ever rented from that P.O.S. pedophile, Rick Beasley. Chad is the President of the Gay & Lesbian Law Association. He used to be the President of the Orlando International Fringe Festival in Orlando for ten years. It’s a huge theatre and art festival. He was pissed that The State of Florida sent me to prison after handing them multiple predators on a silver platter. Especially after I fixed their major fuck-ups. I voluntarily contacted, and gave statements to, various other law enforcement agencies after I found a shitload of evidence that indicated Beasley, and the Masons, were part of a criminal organization of pedophiles. I did all of this while listed as a ‘Fugitive From Justice’ for almost 8 years after being listed as an absconder from FL D.O.C. Probation in Bay Co. My charge was ‘Grand Theft’. I did not cry "Innocence". I was accountable. "Yeah I did it and I was wrong as hell for it. What now?" Anyway, I’d never even met Beasley at the time of my stupid choice to steal. S*T*U*P*I*D!!! Beasley was in federal prison at the time.

Scott Rozear Mason, whom I stood toe-to-toe with on many occasions is about to stand trial for the murder of an 18 year old male. Scott Mason will be tried for murder on Dec 2nd, 2013, in Pensacola. His father, John R. Mason, was released from prison in April? 2011. He was sentenced to 10 years for multiple child porn charges. As it turned out, he was the actual home owner of the place we rented at 2801 Bayview Way. I found this out just prior to becoming an informant for Beasley’s Probation Specialist Glen Harris @ FL D.O.C. Yes, I did this while a fugitive from FL D.O.C. Probation offices in Bay Co. Ironic. Beasley had openly threatened Mr. Harris’s safety. As soon as I learned Beasley had been around a child (Scott Mason was drunk and shot his mouth off) I offered Mr. Harris my help. I did not know Glen Harris was an officer in the U.S. Navy, still active. I knew there was something familiar about him and trusted him. My Dad was a Navy man. Anyway, Glen and I talked for quite some time. Glen started an investigation, and when Beasley and Scott Mason made plans to hide a child I called Mr. Harris, again, and told him what was going on and how dangerous the situation was for him, and everybody else, but especially a child, whom I had not met. Yet. Both Mason and Beasley hated Mr. Harris. They were sociopaths. Mr. Harris promptly arrested Beasley. I volunteered to give a sworn statement, though it didn’t even reflect all the goings on. I told Karen Bankowitz, and the witness handler via e-mail all this. I still have the original e-mails in my sent file in my previous Yahoo account.

The State P.R.R.’d Beasley, and filed a Habitual Offender and Prior Bad Acts motions and won them all. This was 2009 and 2010. My partner and I were still living near Panama City and had never heard of any of these sick bastards. Beasley was bound, by law, for prison. Instead he got probation? Beasley caught 2 counts of child molestation charges within 3 years of being released from prison. Once that P.R.R. Motion was Granted, he was to be sentenced to no less than the maximum allowable prison term to be served day-for-day. No ‘Gain Time’. ‘Gain Time’ is Florida’s version of early release for good behavior. The Habitual Offender motion was to double his prison sentence. 30 years instead of 15, etc. Yet instead the Judge and the state violated their own motion(s) and ruling and gave him an unheard of 30 years probation for 2 counts of child molestation. A repeat offender no less. I didn’t even know the piece of shit at that time, however, I knew I could fix the Orange County’s A.S.A.’s monstrous fuck-up. And, I did, indeed.. I found evidence and police reports from Bolivar MO. Here’s the real kicker:

Beasley was arrested in 2009, in Orlando, on 2 counts of lewd and lascivious. Basically child molestation. The victim was 4 years old. Beasley won a motion to be Released (on) Own Recognizance about a month later. While R.O.R.’d on the Orlando Charges he is arrested and charged with 17 new felonies, including possession of child porn, identity theft, all sorts of shit. The F.B.I. attempt to interview him while he’s in custody in Polk Co. MO. The Missouri Judge then R.O.R.’d him? and Beasley returned to Florida where he was promptly arrested for a failure to appear in Orlando. He was held on a ,000 bond until his final court date on the child molestation charges. Instead of the mandatory day-for-day prison sentence, this bastard was released on 30 years probation with an ankle and GPS monitor! Which I promise was not a deterrent. I can’t say anymore than that.

I told various law enforcement officers and Kimberly Mann (Orange Co. A.S.A.), prior to taking the witness stand, that I was listed as a fugitive on F.D.L.E.’s warrants website because of the 9 year old racking charge (now 11 years) and they refused to arrest me. Upon cross examination I testified under oath to being listed as a fugitive. That time they had to detain me after my examination. The Orange Co. Sherriffs deputies in the courtroom were like "Now, why’d you go and do that for? Now, I have to arrest you…" I turned around, and put my hands behind my back. The 3 deputies that handled me refused to put me in cuffs. Instead we shot the shit about the other monsters in the court room gallery. Scott Mason and some other bastard were there to see what I’d say. The place was a circus! Anyway, they said "No way you go to jail before him (Beasley), so just have a seat. We talked and after Beasley was returned to the jail, they then took me down, uncuffed. No cop wanted to arrest me. My first appearance judge was great. She was very compassionate and promised to get me to Bay county A.S.A.P. You don’t get time-served credit while waiting for extradition. I was extradited in a matter of days. This is unusual.

This, of course, is the short version. I’ll be uploading scanned copies of my ‘Letter of Commendation’ from Glen Harris, and a letter I recently received from my Public Defender who vetted my story and fought like hell for me. I watched her piss the judge off repeatedly. She said she was not happy with any prison sentence on my part. Chad helped me so much. He wrote a 119 records request for the purposes of a ‘Collateral Attack Appeal and Sealment/exspungment of my 1 felony conviction, that multiple attorneys say should have been thrown out. As you will see from the letter from Emily Dowdy, Esq. the Orange Co. states attorney’s fucked-up, yet again.

Now, I fully expected to go do some prison time. That’s not my beef. My beef is that once I was incarcerated, I was unable to assist in ongoing investigations on both Scott Mason, and his father, John R. Mason. As a result, a little over 2 years after becoming an informant, Scott Mason murdered an 18 year old kid.

Now, I know you’re thinking 18 is a legal adult. The kid was a child of a ‘friend of the Mason family’. The Masons are open and notorious about their abusive, exploitative ways. That kids life was a living hell long before he reached 18 years of age. The Masons scared the fuck out of my wife! She was a twice governor commended, Who’s Who of American Business Women, sister of a D.O.C. Lieutentant ( an abusive, exploitive, criminal bastard himself. Fucker stole land from my wifes Dad. They have different dads so her brother didn’t give a fuck.) from whom she suffered abuse, and can damn well take care of herself. She had worked for FL D.O.C. yet, even she was scared. Glen Harris was scared for us. Glen once said "You sure do like to live dangerously…" Point is, I know any child (even adults told me they were scared) that lives around the Masons is very likely terrified. Stockholm Syndrome is real.

Matthew Nestles death was senseless. I knew something was wrong about Beasley having probation. This was confirmed by Professor Chad Cronon J.D. I knew Mason should be locked-up. I’m not going to discuss on what type of charges out of respect for the victim(s). Someone screwed the pooch, again. This time in Pensacola. Probably another fucking lawyer who has more ‘ego’ than sense.

Look for new uploads. I’m about to ‘vet’ all of this for you… Definition of ‘vet’, ‘vetted’ are as follows: (My mom has a degree in journalism)


past tense: vetted; past participle: vetted

1. make a careful and critical examination of (something).

"proposals for vetting large takeover bids"

synonyms: check, examine, scrutinize, investigate, inspect, look over, screen, assess, evaluate, appraise;

I’ve uploaded the ‘Letter of Commendation’, which is vague so Beasley has no grounds for appeal. Which he actually does because of the games Bankowitz played in the courtroom… Which I have no problem with. Shit, Scott Mason was there, and my partner had to be accompanied to her car, by Sheriff’s deputies, for her safety. My problem is that a kid is dead. This was a V.O.P. hearing. Anything goes! The state does not have to prove its case ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ because the fucker PLEAD GUILTY! Chad’s was like… "This is true… She could have opened you up for questioning and let you nail them all." The Masons had no ‘right to a fair trial’ in BEASLEY’S V.O.P. hearing! I mean, really? As there are no pending R.I.C.O. charges on Scott, or John R. Mason, it is quite obvious that A.S.A.’s Kimberly Mann, and Karen Bankowitz’s hiding the truth behind Beasley’s warrantless arrest, and letting Glen Harris commit perjury on the witness stand were not to protect on-going investigations. Glen testified that he received an anonymous phone call. He did not. He knew exactly who I was. The day of Beasley’s arrest, after I called him and told him that Mason and Beasley were going to hide a kid, Catherine and I went to see him at his office. I asked him what we should do when Scott Mason, and their pedophile cohorts "start coming around wanting whatever evidence Beasley had hidden". Harris stated to catherine, and I, "I’m going to put in my arrest report that I received an anonymous call from a man. You tell them I’ll be by with ‘black&whites’ to collect that stuff." he told me to indicate to Scott Mason that Mr. Harris bullied us into co-operating so "That way it will be on me…" Meaning the Masons would be mad at Harris, not Cate and I. And I did just that, until Scott Mason physically charged at me in my own kitchen at 2801 Bayview Way, Pensacola Florida on Thanksgiving Day 2010, and again on Black Friday, when I told him if he went anywhere near Beasley’s room he’d have the sheriffs dept. up his ass as quick as I could call them. I told him that "I promised that stuff to Glen Harris, and he’s going to get it." The mother, and child were right there. When he started to come after me, in front of the mother and child, I stood up very quickly and shot him a look that promised him HE’D go to the fucking hospital on HIS way to jail. Mason backed the fuck up and changed the subject. Today, I’m amazed that I’m still alive.
Here are some links, with photos, to the Pensacola News Journal articles on Scott Masons upcoming murder trial. One article has a slide show of photos. John R. Mason, registered sex-offender, is in one of the photos. He took the witness stand. Scott Mason murdered the kid, staged the scene, and called his father, pedophile John R. Mason, before calling the police. I really HATE having been right about these sick bastards. I’m not one for I-told-you- so’s because I believe in education and learning from ones mistakes. However, the willful and deliberate fuck-ups made by powerful, and ‘formally educated’ adults is atrocious. They deserve to truly be held accountable for their actions, and inactions. Maya Angelou warns of what can happen, if one is not careful, with a ‘formal’ education. I’m autodidactic. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with formal education, anymore than there is with firearm ownership. Both must be ‘owned’ and used responsibly.…

Nice Galaxy Tablet photos

Check out these galaxy tablet images:

Brussels Philharmonic (re)writes music history with Samsung’s GALAXY Note 10.1
galaxy tablet
Image by samsungtomorrow
Brussels Philharmonic is the first orchestra in the world to replace its paper sheet music by Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 tablets. This unique cooperation was launched at a world premiere in Flagey, in the centre of Brussels. Founded in 1935, Brussels Philharmonic has played with world-renowned conductors, soloists and composers like Stravinsky, Messiaen and Bartok. Brussels Philharmonic is the first orchestra in the world that will replace its paper sheet music with tablets. Samsung is giving each of the hundred musicians a GALAXY Note 10.1 with NeoScores’ software installed. The Galaxy Note 10.1’s smart S pen can be used to change the sheet music and share it between the conductor and the orchestra, the orchestra leader and the orchestra or individual musicians. From now on, they’ll be able to effortlessly switch back and forth between their sheet music with their GALAXY Note 10.1. What’s more, they’ll always have their sheet music at hand, wherever they go!

삼성 갤럭시노트 10.1, 브뤼셀 필하모닉 악보로 데뷔

벨기에의 명문 심포니 오케스트라인 ‘브뤼셀 필하모닉(Brussels Philharmonic)’이 7일(현지시간) 벨기에 브뤼셀에서 삼성전자 ‘갤럭시 노트 10.1’을 악보로 사용하는 연주회를 열었다. 1935년 창단된 브뤼셀 필하모닉은 스트라빈스키, 메시앙 등 세계적인 거장들의 작품을 초연한 바 있으며, 이 날 행사에는 유럽지역 매체 기자 500 여 명과 VIP 100 여 명이 참석해 ‘갤럭시노트 10.1’과 클래식 음악의 만남에 높은 관심을 나타냈다. 브뤼셀 필하모닉은 앞으로 ‘갤럭시노트 10.1 악보’를 종이 악보로 대체해 사용할 예정으로, 모바일 스마트기기를 악보로 사용하는 세계 최초의 오케스트라로 이름을 올리게 됐다. 삼성전자 ‘갤럭시노트 10.1’은 대화면으로 복잡한 오케스트라 악보를 한 눈에 볼 수 있고, 선명한 디스플레이를 통해 세밀한 오선지와 음표 등을 볼 수 있어 악보로 채택됐다.

Tablet stand – Philips version
galaxy tablet
Image by Swipespot
Tablet stand, branded for Philips Denmark.

Nice Galaxy Tablet photos

Some cool galaxy tablet images:

Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2012 in Berlin, introducing Galaxy Note II and Window 8 OS Based Devices
galaxy tablet
Image by samsungtomorrow
Samsung hosted “Samsung Unpacked” event before the opening of IFA 2012 in Berlin on the 29th the local time, unveiling Galaxy Note II, the follow-up version of innovative Galaxy Note. It has also presented brand new ATIV devices running Windows 8 OS such as smart PCs, tablets, smartphones. It was the first time for Samsung to showcase the entire lineup of smart devices. Shin Jong-kyun, President of Samsung’s Information Technology and Mobile Communication division, said, “Samsung will continue offering new values to consumers with consistent innovation to introduce a slew of differentiated smart devices which enables users to share their thoughts and feelings.”

삼성전자, 독일 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’에서 갤럭시 노트Ⅱ, 최신 윈도우8 라인업 공개

삼성전자는 29일(현지시간) 독일 베를린에서 ‘IFA 2012’ 전시회 개막에 앞서 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’ 행사를 갖고, 갤럭시 노트의 후속작 ‘갤럭시 노트Ⅱ’를 공개했다. 또한 최신 마이크로소프트 운영체계 윈도우8(Windows 8)이 탑재된 스마트PC, 태블릿, 스마트폰 등 새로운 ‘아티브(ATIV)’ 라인업을 선보였다. 삼성전자가 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’에서 모바일 기기와 함께 스마트PC, 태블릿 등 스마트기기 라인업 전체를 함께 발표하는 것은 이번이 처음이다.
행사에 참석한 IM담당 신종균 사장은 "지속적인 혁신을 통해 사람들의 생각과 느낌을 쉽게 나누고 즐길 수 있는 삼성만의 차별화된 스마트기기를 지속적으로 출시해, 소비자들에게 새로운 가치를 제공할 것"이라고 말했다.

Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2012 in Berlin, introducing Galaxy Note II and Window 8 OS Based Devices
galaxy tablet
Image by samsungtomorrow
Samsung hosted “Samsung Unpacked” event before the opening of IFA 2012 in Berlin on the 29th the local time, unveiling Galaxy Note II, the follow-up version of innovative Galaxy Note. It has also presented brand new ATIV devices running Windows 8 OS such as smart PCs, tablets, smartphones. It was the first time for Samsung to showcase the entire lineup of smart devices. Shin Jong-kyun, President of Samsung’s Information Technology and Mobile Communication division, said, “Samsung will continue offering new values to consumers with consistent innovation to introduce a slew of differentiated smart devices which enables users to share their thoughts and feelings.”

삼성전자, 독일 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’에서 갤럭시 노트Ⅱ, 최신 윈도우8 라인업 공개

삼성전자는 29일(현지시간) 독일 베를린에서 ‘IFA 2012’ 전시회 개막에 앞서 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’ 행사를 갖고, 갤럭시 노트의 후속작 ‘갤럭시 노트Ⅱ’를 공개했다. 또한 최신 마이크로소프트 운영체계 윈도우8(Windows 8)이 탑재된 스마트PC, 태블릿, 스마트폰 등 새로운 ‘아티브(ATIV)’ 라인업을 선보였다. 삼성전자가 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’에서 모바일 기기와 함께 스마트PC, 태블릿 등 스마트기기 라인업 전체를 함께 발표하는 것은 이번이 처음이다.
행사에 참석한 IM담당 신종균 사장은 "지속적인 혁신을 통해 사람들의 생각과 느낌을 쉽게 나누고 즐길 수 있는 삼성만의 차별화된 스마트기기를 지속적으로 출시해, 소비자들에게 새로운 가치를 제공할 것"이라고 말했다.

Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2012 in Berlin, introducing Galaxy Note II and Window 8 OS Based Devices
galaxy tablet
Image by samsungtomorrow
Samsung hosted “Samsung Unpacked” event before the opening of IFA 2012 in Berlin on the 29th the local time, unveiling Galaxy Note II, the follow-up version of innovative Galaxy Note. It has also presented brand new ATIV devices running Windows 8 OS such as smart PCs, tablets, smartphones. It was the first time for Samsung to showcase the entire lineup of smart devices. Shin Jong-kyun, President of Samsung’s Information Technology and Mobile Communication division, said, “Samsung will continue offering new values to consumers with consistent innovation to introduce a slew of differentiated smart devices which enables users to share their thoughts and feelings.”

삼성전자, 독일 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’에서 갤럭시 노트Ⅱ, 최신 윈도우8 라인업 공개

삼성전자는 29일(현지시간) 독일 베를린에서 ‘IFA 2012’ 전시회 개막에 앞서 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’ 행사를 갖고, 갤럭시 노트의 후속작 ‘갤럭시 노트Ⅱ’를 공개했다. 또한 최신 마이크로소프트 운영체계 윈도우8(Windows 8)이 탑재된 스마트PC, 태블릿, 스마트폰 등 새로운 ‘아티브(ATIV)’ 라인업을 선보였다. 삼성전자가 ‘삼성 모바일 언팩’에서 모바일 기기와 함께 스마트PC, 태블릿 등 스마트기기 라인업 전체를 함께 발표하는 것은 이번이 처음이다.
행사에 참석한 IM담당 신종균 사장은 "지속적인 혁신을 통해 사람들의 생각과 느낌을 쉽게 나누고 즐길 수 있는 삼성만의 차별화된 스마트기기를 지속적으로 출시해, 소비자들에게 새로운 가치를 제공할 것"이라고 말했다.

Nice New Ipad Review photos

A few nice new ipad review images I found:

iMovie for iPhone
new ipad review
Image by andyi
Read my full iPhone 4 review up on the Sun-Times site. Their CMS can’t present high-resolution galleries so I’m reproducing all of my illustrations here.

I like the iPhone edition of iMovie a lot. It’s lacking in some features and there’s at least one truly glaring omission — you’d think that recording a voice over would be a feature — but on the whole, it makes it very, very easy to assemble a fairly sophisticated edit right on the phone.

Which is a big deal. It’s actually a little like playing a game, which means that instead of coming home with a card of video files that I’ll never do anything with, there’s a good chance that I’ll "play" on the flight home and have a finished video ready to upload when my plane lands.

Multitouch is a natural fit for video editing. I’m now fairly desperate to see iMovie for iPad.

Go to to see the finished video that I edited here.

January 2011 Self-Portraits
new ipad review
Image by Old Shoe Woman
1. Year 5~Day 30 +1/365 AND Day 1491: Happy New Year’s Day 2011, 2. Year 5~Day 31 +2/365 AND Day 1492: Singing on Sunday, January 2, 2011, 3. Year 5~Day 32 +3/365 AND Day 1493: Lost All My Contacts on my Storm2 – Now I Have a New Beginning, 4. Year 5~Day 33 +4/365 AND Day 1494: Stopped for Funeral Procession, 5. Year 5~Day 34 +5/365 AND Day 1495: Senior Strutters’ Beginners’ Line Dance Class, 6. Year 5~Day 35 +6/365 AND Day 1496: Luncheon with Chemistry Department Faculty/Staff, 7. Year 5~Day 36 +7/365 AND Day 1497: My Nikon D80 Is Back, 8. Year 5~Day 37 +8/365 AND Day 1498: Watching Hallmark Movies, 9. Year 5~Day 38 +9/365 AND Day 1499: Cold Sunday Morn, 10. Year 5~Day 39 +10/365 AND Day 1500: VLREA – Jan. 10, 2011, 11. Year 5~Day 40 +11/365 AND Day 1501: Learning In Retirement Winter Kick-Off Luncheon, 12. Year 5~Day 41 +12/365 AND Day 1502: One-Year Anniversary with Trainer, 13. Year 5~Day 42 +13/365 AND Day 1503: VSU’s LIR Winter Qtr 2010 Games’ Day, 14. Year 5~Day 43 +14/365 AND Day 1504: Unexpected Trip to Town, 15. Year 5~Day 44 +15/365 AND Day 1505: Booked Our Flights to Vegas, 16. Year 5~Day 45 +16/365 AND Day 1506: Eating Sunday Lunch, 17. Year 5~Day 46 +17/365 AND Day 1507: Staying Healthy, 18. Year 5~Day 47 +18/365 AND Day 1508: Repairs Outside the House, 19. Year 5~Day 48 +19/365 AND Day 1509: I Don’t Like Dentist Drills or Numbing Shots, 20. Year 5~Day 49 +20/365 AND Day 1510: Red Hatters at the Valdosta Country Club, 21. Year 5~Day 50 +21/365 AND Day 1511: Last Resort Picture, 22. Year 5~Day 51 +22/365 AND Day 1512: Saturday Breakfast, 23. Year 5~Day 52 +23/365 AND Day 1513: Fueling Stop After Church, 24. Year 5~Day 53 +24/365 AND Day 1514: Found My Tripod and First Digital Camera, 25. Year 5~Day 54 +25/365 AND Day 1515: Taking Notes in Book Review Class, 26. Year 5~Day 55 +26/365 AND Day 1516: Windy Day for Grocery Shopping, 27. Year 5~Day 56 +27/365 AND Day 1517: VSU LIR – Intro to iPad Class – Andy Brovey, 28. Year 5~Day 57 +28/365 AND Day 1518: Julie & Judy – Dinner & Theatre Downtown Valdosta, 29. Year 5~Day 58 +29/365 AND Day 1519: Scanning Transparencies (Positives) or Slides, 30. Year 5~Day 59 +30/365 AND Day 1520: Beautiful Sun-day, 31. Year 5~Day 60 +31/365 AND Day 1521: Smokin’ Pig Pulled Pork Sandwich

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