Q & A: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple’s new iPad?

new ipad review
by Ed Yourdon

question of the mystery : Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple’s new iPad s ok Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is limiting spacers it is a cool device A site say that it beats the new ipad but some sites and one of them is CNET say that it’s not as good as the new ipadso what you think you win, what better istSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Apple, the new iPad Best Answer:

of New York Inc
the grade garbage, lags a ton

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What do you know about the Galaxy Note 8 to think?

question of : What do you know about the Galaxy Note 8 think I want to get a tablet and I feel that I looove the Galaxy Note 8, what I do is reading books on the net and read a lot of windows open in the browser and I like notes when I read, and watching videos, it will be perfect if I can be mentioned, but I find the tablet expensive and for some I reasen not like the iPad mini may be because its expensive and have slow processor and RAM do now other tablet Best Answer:

I will suggest that you have a iPad more likely to buy a tablet.

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Brussels Philharmonic (re)writes music history with Samsung’s GALAXY Note 10.1

A few nice galaxy tablet images I found:

Brussels Philharmonic (re)writes music history with Samsung’s GALAXY Note 10.1
galaxy tablet
Image by samsungtomorrow
Brussels Philharmonic is the first orchestra in the world to replace its paper sheet music by Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 tablets. This unique cooperation was launched at a world premiere in Flagey, in the centre of Brussels. Founded in 1935, Brussels Philharmonic has played with world-renowned conductors, soloists and composers like Stravinsky, Messiaen and Bartok. Brussels Philharmonic is the first orchestra in the world that will replace its paper sheet music with tablets. Samsung is giving each of the hundred musicians a GALAXY Note 10.1 with NeoScores’ software installed. The Galaxy Note 10.1’s smart S pen can be used to change the sheet music and share it between the conductor and the orchestra, the orchestra leader and the orchestra or individual musicians. From now on, they’ll be able to effortlessly switch back and forth between their sheet music with their GALAXY Note 10.1. What’s more, they’ll always have their sheet music at hand, wherever they go!

삼성 갤럭시노트 10.1, 브뤼셀 필하모닉 악보로 데뷔

벨기에의 명문 심포니 오케스트라인 ‘브뤼셀 필하모닉(Brussels Philharmonic)’이 7일(현지시간) 벨기에 브뤼셀에서 삼성전자 ‘갤럭시 노트 10.1’을 악보로 사용하는 연주회를 열었다. 1935년 창단된 브뤼셀 필하모닉은 스트라빈스키, 메시앙 등 세계적인 거장들의 작품을 초연한 바 있으며, 이 날 행사에는 유럽지역 매체 기자 500 여 명과 VIP 100 여 명이 참석해 ‘갤럭시노트 10.1’과 클래식 음악의 만남에 높은 관심을 나타냈다. 브뤼셀 필하모닉은 앞으로 ‘갤럭시노트 10.1 악보’를 종이 악보로 대체해 사용할 예정으로, 모바일 스마트기기를 악보로 사용하는 세계 최초의 오케스트라로 이름을 올리게 됐다. 삼성전자 ‘갤럭시노트 10.1’은 대화면으로 복잡한 오케스트라 악보를 한 눈에 볼 수 있고, 선명한 디스플레이를 통해 세밀한 오선지와 음표 등을 볼 수 있어 악보로 채택됐다.

Galaxy Note II blends tablet and smartphone technology

Acto de entrega de tablets postgrado
galaxy tablet
Image by EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial
EOI · 15/11/2011 · www.eoi.es/blogs/mlearning/

Galaxy Note II blends tablet and smartphone technology
Its front part is almost similar to what is available on the design of the Galaxy SIII; The hardware of the Galaxy Note II includes, a Quad Core processor crafted to give the device extra power and a longer lasting battery of 3,100mAh capacity. The RAM …
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Should consumers drop 0 on a tablet this holiday season?
According to my parents, who went to Costco not once, but twice on Black Friday to snag a tablet, both the Samsung Galaxy devices that were on sale went out of stock. But it turned out all right—they just went back on Saturday morning to buy their …
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Best Buy 'Black Friday 2012' Deals on Tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Best Buy plans to offer customers a white 8 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with a $ 20 Best Buy gift card for $ 179.99; an 8GB Nabi 2 Tablet for $ 169.99; an 8GB Amazon Kindle Fire with a $ 30 Best buy Gift Card for $ 159.99; and a 16GB Kindle Fire HD with a …
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Apple losing market share in tablets
Apple's tablet market share is starting to fall. According to figures from IDC, the company's supreme reign of the tablet market is now over as the iPad faced more competition from Android devices such as Samsung's Galaxy tablets and Google's Nexus 7.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 getting Android 4.1 in Germany

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 getting Android 4.1 in Germany
Samsung has started rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for its flagship tablet, Galaxy Note 10.1. The first market to get it is Germany where some folks should see their 10-inch tablet prompting them to get the new software version — version …
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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy Note 10.1 starts
In August, Samsung announced the launch of the Galaxy Note 800, also known as the Note 10.1 thereby extending the Galaxy Note category. Samsung claims that the tablet delivers the functionality and precision of pen and paper by combining the S Pen …
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How Much Tablet Does 0 Get You? Microsoft Surface vs. iPad vs. Galaxy
Here is a chart comparing some of the key features of the Surface with the similarly priced Wi-Fi-only iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets. Of course, we don't recommend buying a device based on specs alone — performance and user experience …
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