Samsung galaxy 10.1 or Ipad 2 ?

Question by : Samsung galaxy 10.1 or Ipad 2 ?
I am going to buy a tablet but i am confused between samsung galaxy 10.1 and i pad 2.I want it for music games and everything and also office work like ms word but ipad apps are usually not free i am not going to pay for apps and also does samsung 10.1 support sim connection or not both are amazing .but i am little bit doubt on ipad that it heats up and its mostly apps are not free so help me to choose one.

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well currently i would choose an ipad 3 (the ‘new’ ipad), at £399, and not the ‘old’ ipad 2…
the new ipad runs at about 5 degrees warmer when playing graphic intense apps than the old one, which is noticiable, but not going to distract from using it at all – this problem has been completely overblown in the media, and should certainly not be a make or break factor for anyone
In terms of the cost of apps, well apps in both stores cost virtually the same (plus or minus a few pence), i think your mistaken for market research that shows that android users don’t buy as much paid apps as iOS (apple ipad) users – that’s not particularly interesting for actual users, but for app developers, i.e. developers usually slide towards iOS when making an app because they’ll get more downloads and / or purchases (if it’s not a free app)… but you won’t actually save anything if you use android.
the Samsung is a decent tablet, but, as many reviews show you, it’s still not comparable to the ipad, especially the new one which has the incredible retina display – you seriously need to go to an apple store to see the display to believe how amazing it is. the app store on iOS has loads more great titles both for free and paid apps, compared to the android store, although it is catching up.
the samsung 10.1 does support a sim connection. so does the new ipad, although that version is about £500.
on the iPad, there is the Pages app, which is essentially ms word (it’s compatible with it), for about three pounds. Remember that apps are much less expensive than actual applications on a desktop, so you might want to buy a few must have apps like angry birds in space or infinity blade 2, which are incredibly fun and amazing on the new display, that cost only a few quid. Android currently doesn’t have an equivalent app that can do as much, although quickoffice, which is about ten pounds, is close, it looks dreadful on a tablet. In fact many android apps are still not built for a tablet, and look horrible on the display, which is another factor to get the ipad aswell.
I’m being biased here (obviously), but i really would never recommend an android tablet that costs the same as an iPad currently, as you might as well just get the iPad. The only android tablet that comes close is the transformer prime, but again it still comes under the iPad (see prizefight link in sources), overall – these android tablets may have faster processors, but they’re still slower and sluggish to use in comparison to the iPad, as google’s android OS still has some problems that need to be fixed, for instance the cpu priority bug, which basically makes browsing through the OS, pinching and zooming etc. sluggish and unnatural as it doesn’t prioritze the processes like the iPad does. Overall, there is still no competition. if you really wanted an android tablet, I would wait a few months for new ones to be released, many of the decent tablets out there are still one or two years old.
The smaller samsung galaxy 7 (the 10.1’s little brother) is not even as good as the original iPad released in 2010.

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what is the best: iPad mini or samsung chromebook?

Question by Burt: what is the best: iPad mini or samsung chromebook?
Ik have a limited budget and I would like to buy something to get online on the train. Do I buy the chrome book or the iPad mini?
Simple question!

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Answer by Pearls Before Swine
They’re two different things. The chromebook is a simple laptop that does everything in the web browser – even apps you add have to be web apps that run in the browser. It’s good for web surfing and emailing, since it has a keyboard. On the other hand the iPad has no keyboard, but it has many many more apps than a chromebook has. It’s also smaller.

It really comes down to what you think you want to do with it. If it’s mainly for wasting time and playing games then an iPad’s better.

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Q & A: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple’s new iPad?

new ipad review
by Ed Yourdon

question of the mystery : Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple’s new iPad s ok Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is limiting spacers it is a cool device A site say that it beats the new ipad but some sites and one of them is CNET say that it’s not as good as the new ipadso what you think you win, what better istSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Apple, the new iPad Best Answer:

of New York Inc
the grade garbage, lags a ton

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or iPad 2?

question of Jerry : Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or iPad 2 I do not know what to get two iPad really expensive, but I like the big screen and the register cheaper but smaller screen, and also I have an iPod and I know if it you can only upgrade it on the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 when it can be a software update, I update it simply Best Answer an update?:

by Kevin G Answer
Hi, this is a very good question! With respect to software updates it looks like there is a way in Android (operating system of the Galaxy Tab) to do software updates. Google for “how to update software galaxy tab”, and there are some pages with instructions and pictures on how this is to tun.Einige other things you may wish to consider, the iPad has a much larger app store than the Galaxy Tab, but Android is catching up. In addition, the lifetime of the battery will be class-leading iPad, something that’s pretty impressive (I do not know how close the Galaxy Tab is in this). If you already have an iPod you already have iTunes media, which can be easily synchronized with your new iPad – not so easy with the Galaxy Tab, the entire media ecosystem on the iPad is also superior Android – albeit with Google Play will catch up . too, you may want to consider the iPad 3 rather than the iPad 2, (. Approx. September) the iPad 3 will have Siri in iOS 6, you also get a retina display, a beautiful thing to see the ist.Mein Council would be to you, find out what your main uses are for the device – in this way you can evaluate each device on his achievements in those areas. You can also go to an Apple store or PC World and try these devices, and I strongly urge you to do so. Maybe you do not even find it easy on the iPad or Galaxy Tab, or! Maybe you should wait for Microsoft Surface – but I would get the iPad 3 if I were you 🙂

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Q&A: Samsung galaxy tab or Blackberry playbook?

Question by noel: Samsung galaxy tab or Blackberry playbook?
I’m planning to buy a 16gb tablet and I wanna be different cuz many people already knows ipad and when they here the word tablet, ipad would be probably the first thing that will comes on their mind. Both tablet has a same price? My real question is which do you think is right for me and reasobnaly priced?

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Answer by alunk

A slightly better tablet than an iPad 2, but with a few drawbacks

Although I bought this for my wife as a birthday present during pre-release sales in NYC, I’ve since used it far more extensively than her so I’ve purchased a second Tab 10.1 for myself. As a background, I also have a good amount of experience using a Motorola Xoom (none with the other Android tablets though) and an iPad 2. Anyway, here are my thoughts comparing the Tab 10.1 with the iPad 2. I won’t do a comparison with the Motorola Xoom (which, as of writing this review, is the Tab 10.1’s major Android competitor) as the two products are really similar. I’ll leave the Xoom/Tab 10.1 decision to you. Here are my thoughts:

Operating System/Interface/Web Browsing – Slight edge to the Tab 10.1 running Android 3.1 (Honeycomb). This may just be more of a personal preference as I don’t like products (like the iPad 2) which are locked down. I feel a company has no right to tell a consumer how he/she is allowed to use a product (as Apple does with theirs). Anyway, Android 3.1 OS is blazing fast and going along with the Android Open Source Project’s philosophy, the OS and by rote, the Tab 10.1, is ultimately configurable. Out of the box, you can easily personalize an Android 3.1 tablet any way you want, and if you can’t, there is free software out there to let you do it — there is no hacking/jailbreaking required. The Tab 10.1’s interface is also a lot cleaner than the iPad 2’s which can get downright cluttered the more apps you have installed. I’ll also note that there doesn’t seem to be a discernible difference in the actual speed/performance (loading pages, etc) of the two products. So, we’re pretty even so far, but Tab 10.1 clearly gets the edge for one thing — Flash. Enough said.

Battery life – Strong edge to iPad 2. Both the Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2 are rated for 10 hours. Keeping the screen at about 75% max brightness, I seem to get between about 7 to 8 hours on the Tab 10.1 and 9 to 10 hours on an iPad 2. This may be a result of the screen brightness as I’ve noticed the Tab 10.1 has a slightly brighter screen at 100% than the iPad 2. Regardless, the iPad 2 has better battery life.

Resolution/Screen – Strong edge to the Tab 10.1’s 1280×800 screen vs the iPad 2’s 1024×768 one. If you think this is negligible, you are very wrong. This means the Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen has a 30% greater resolution than the iPad 2. You’ll notice this difference in every thing you do — not just when watching movies and photos. The increased resolution causes much less eye strain especially when reading webpages. Additionally, the Tab 10.1’s widescreen aspect ratio seems to work a lot better for watching anything in HD. It’s a shame the iPad 2 uses the dying 4:3 aspect ratio as there is a lot of wasted real estate on the screen in the form of black bars when watching anything in widescreen. With the Tab 10.1, the screen is entirely filled with video.

Cameras – Strong edge to the Tab 10.1. The Tab 10.1 blows the iPad 2 out of the water here and it’s not even close. The Tab has a front-facing 2.0 megapixel (vs iPad 2’s 0.3 megapixel) camera and rear-facing 3.0 megapixel (vs iPad 2’s 0.7 megapixel) camera. Sure, you’re never going to replace your P&S/SLR/video camera with a tablet, but it is nice to have a camera on there that can take a decent picture/video when you’re in a pinch.

Portability – Even. The Tab 10.1 is a negligible 0.03 lbs lighter and 0.2mm thinner than the iPad 2.

Price – Even. I’m really surprised Samsung didn’t undercut the iPad prices, even by $ 50.

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Q&A: Should I get the iPod Touch 4 or the Samsung Galaxy player 4?

Question by Scobe591: Should I get the iPod Touch 4 or the Samsung Galaxy player 4?
I was going to get the new touch, but saw mediocre reviews on the camera, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to get a new one (I have the ipod touch 3g). I haven’t found any reviews on the Galaxy Wifi 4.0, but it looks intriguing, with its 3.2 megapixel camera and Android software. Anyone know anything about this?

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Answer by Cecilia Covoletski
Samsung Galaxy player 4… If you already have a itouch then why get another one and since the camera is bad it makes sense to get the Samsung Galaxy player 4.

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