Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire?

question by Stephanie : Why would anyone choose the new ipad mini instead of the Nook Color or Kindle Fire Someone wants this for a gift, but I can not me leisten.Pro / con lists, we would be very grateful Best answer:.

answer by Kyle F.
I’m assuming you’re talking about the Kindle Fire and not the Kindle Fire HD Version.Vorteile. • Integrated microphone • front and rear facing cameras • Bluetooth capability • 0.9 inches taller • Hundreds of thousands of more applications • Much more stable / optimized, so do not crash or lag viel.Nachteile: • Much more limited. • Some people find it not a little too expensive at $ 329. • to read, if that is a preference for persons Kindle Fire and Nook Color are looking to buy it ist.Der much value for its price and meant for reading. It depends on whether you are willing to $ 129 more for the iPad Mini or not spend. The UI comes down to personal preference, I’m going to anyone who wants a tablet for belassen.Wenn talk about the Kindle Fire HD, it has a front-facing camera is 8 cm, has Bluetooth capability and a built-in microphone . So if you do not want to spend much money, I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD. Otherwise, for a few extra features, then you can buy the iPad Mini.

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  1. Pro: apple

    con:they will more than likely bring out a new one next month with a slightly better screen,

    pro:ipads are just better than the rest of the current available market

    con: they are a tad expensive
    pro: what the other brands make up for in the price tag apple still has a better quality product, thats why its more expensive.

    Suggestion: either buy the ipad for them or tell them its too expensive. If they are really close they will understand if they arent then they probably dont deserve an ipad mini.

    Or you could split the bill with another freind or family member…just a thought

  2. It’s possible that this person buys their books, movies and music through iTunes. If that’s the case then the files can’t be transferred to or played on non-iOS devices. They’d have to buy it all again.

  3. Review comparison from an owner of iPad 3 and Kindle Fire HD, should be helpful:

    Maybe because of the app store. Kindle Fire has a decent amount of apps I.e Over 50k while Nook Color merely has over 6k apps which in relation to iPad mini are pretty low as apple has over 600k apps by now.

    The way I look at it is that Amazon app store offers only those apps which are pretty famous at google play like Temple run. fruit ninja and lots of others. While Barnes and Nobles because of low amount of interest in creating apps, they are pretty backwards in this category.

    I’d recommend Kindle Fire HD because its the best bang for buck. 1280*800 HD display @216PPI, front facing HD camera, 1.2Ghz dual core processor with 1Gb RAM, digital dolby stereo speakers, HDMI out, Amazon content and services it does the job pretty well.

    But as said it does have restricted app store and no microSd card slot is to be found.

    On iPad mini you have the app store, Dual camera, Siri, tv out.

    But it does have a very low quality screen I.e 167PPI plus they turn out to still use 512MB. And the price is high.

    And Nook Color to be frank is very outdated. It can only be an option if you are looking for a very cheap tablet which is well known and reliable.

    These are the prices of these three devices as per Amazon.

    Kindle Fire HD:
    iPad Mini:
    Nook Color:

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